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  • Why You Should Implement a TMS Before M&A Activity

    Merger and acquisition (M&A) activities are some of the management team’s most complex and career-defining decisions. They involve careful strategizing and an in-depth analysis of what the merger could mean for a firm’s core products, personnel, cash management, and long-term sustainability. According to the Harvard Business Review, studies indicate that 70-90% of these deals fall […]

  • March Employee Spotlight: Annette Engel

    We are so excited to feature Annette Engel as our Employee Spotlight for the month of March. Read below to discover more about Annette, her professional journey, and what makes her successful. Q: What do you believe are your key strengths? A: It has always come naturally to me to strategically understand the overall picture and pieces […]

  • Women’s History Month Spotlight: Hear from our Female Leaders

    At GTreasury, we’re proud of the diverse voices and talents that make up our team. We believe in a workplace that provides equal opportunities and values the unique perspectives we all bring to the table. Women’s History Month serves as a reminder that when we empower women, we’re not only fostering growth and innovation within […]

  • Labor Woes Hit Accounting Teams

    Accounting in the United States is at a pivotal point as the industry faces a critical shortage of qualified professionals. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a 10% dip in practicing accountants and auditors, leaving the industry with just 1.62 million professionals. A whopping 190,000 jobs disappeared in 2023, sparking concerns about […]

  • Black History Month Interview: Ron Williams

    Black History Month is more than just a month on the calendar; it’s an opportunity for all of us to come together, learn, and appreciate the diverse stories and experiences that make us stronger and more vibrant. This month provides a platform for us to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and envision a […]

  • What Are Corporate Payments and How to Manage Them Effectively

    Corporate payments, also known as B2B payments, play a key role in the financial ecosystem of companies. In this article, we will delve into the significance of corporate payments and explore aspects such as common types of payments, methods of transfer, challenges, and effective management strategies.  What Are Corporate Payments?   Corporate payments are the […]

  • January Employee Spotlight: Heena Ladhani

    We are so excited to feature Heena Ladhani as our Employee Spotlight for the month of January! Read below to discover more about Heena, her professional journey, and what makes her successful. Employee Name:Heena Ladhani Location: Illinois, United States Job Title: Ecosystem Manager Length of time at GTreasury: 7 years  Q: What do you believe are your key […]

  • Unlock Cost Savings and Efficiency: A Guide to Bank Fee Analysis

    Effectively managing bank fees is crucial for optimizing treasury processes and saving costs. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of bank fee analysis, shedding light on its benefits and practical implementation. This process not only enhances transparency, but also empowers your organization during negotiations with banks.  Understanding Bank Fees Bank fees are charges […]

  • How to Implement Effective Liquidity Management Strategies

    Financial agility is a top priority for businesses of all sizes, as it directly impacts their ability to navigate risks and make quick, strategic decisions. An integral aspect of this financial preparedness is liquidity management. In this article, we will highlight the importance of liquidity management strategies and explore key objectives, risks, and effective ways […]

  • Strategic Treasurer & GTreasury Present the 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report

    Strategic Treasurer, in partnership with GTreasury, has released the 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report.  The 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report serves as a definitive guide for thoughtful financial stewardship in the digital age, aiding practitioners in exploring how treasury technology meets treasury needs. The report delves into technology trends for this year and beyond, current market […]

  • Optimize Your Treasury with Cash Positioning Software

    In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, efficiently managing your company’s cash flow and liquidity is crucial to its success. To optimize your cash flow, you need the right tools to provide you with updated data to help you make informed decisions. One such tool that has gained widespread acclaim is GTreasury’s cash positioning solution. In this […]

  • Boost Your Cash Flow Visibility: Strategies and Benefits

    Cash flow visibility is a challenge for treasury teams, and it plays a big role in accurate cash forecasting and strategic decision-making. This article will delve into the importance of cash flow visibility, explore strategies to improve visibility within your business, and highlight the benefits of having a clear understanding of your organization’s cash position. […]

  • How to Overcome 7 Cash Flow Forecasting Challenges

    Cash flow forecasting offers a window into the future to help organizations exercise greater control over their cash flows, and businesses should utilize short, medium, and long-term cash forecasting to ensure financial stability. However, various challenges can often hinder accurate cash flow predictions, which can lead to cash shortages and inefficient use of cash surpluses.  […]

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Cash Visibility

    What is Cash Visibility? Cash visibility refers to the real-time monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of an organization’s cash position. Managing the available cash across different accounts and entities allows treasurers to optimize cash utilization, minimize idle cash, and ensure timely financial obligations. Accurate cash visibility also allows better management of working capital, optimization of investments, […]

  • Who Needs Payment Reconciliation Software?

    Navigating the complexities of high-level finance can be daunting when dealing with multiple banks, parties, platforms, currencies, companies, and more. Payment reconciliation solutions are designed to simplify payment and record-keeping processes and eliminate inconsistencies from invoices, loans, and deposits that require meticulous balancing and reconciliation. How Do I Know if I Need Payment Reconciliation Software? […]