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Benefits of SaaS

A Modern TMS at Your Service

As the world becomes more connected through technology, corporate finances become more complicated. That’s why finance teams need powerful software solutions that connect and simplify their data. Our solutions empower teams to make informed business decisions that unleash potential.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing model where access to software is provided on a subscription base. External servers house the software as opposed to in-house servers.

Built for the Cloud

We use the latest Microsoft technology stack to provide continuous innovation and easy integration with other services, including Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. We can host your data on Azure’s decentralized servers located throughout the world to meet the specific data requirements of your organization. Also, Azure provides a full suite of monitoring tools and integrated analytics, allowing us to continuously monitor the health of the application. You are guaranteed optimal performance at all times and 99.9% reliability.

Always Current

SaaS technology enables us to deliver innovative capabilities to all users simultaneously and on a continuous basis. You and your team will always be working with the latest version of our solution, taking advantage of new capabilities for changing regulations and best practices in cash management, payments, risk management, and hedge accounting.



Our open SaaS solution is driven by APIs, which interface with your own ecosystem. Our growing library of APIs allow you to connect to various internal and external systems to view bank balances, send payments, generate reports, and much more.



We're constantly testing our solution to make sure it's as secure as possible. Azure provides security and compliance far beyond the ISO 27001 and SOC typically offered by cloud providers. Azure is a global platform with a footprint in 76 countries and must comply with all international compliance standards in the regions in which they do business.


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