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Seamless Treasury Software Connectivity Across Your Ecosystem

If information is the heart of business, then connectivity is the lifeblood of the global digital economy. Access to real-time data enables you to act quickly and decisively.

With GTreasury you can connect to any system, with any method, via any format. Its open API platform is built for scale, so as your organization evolves and your ecosystem grows, you will always stay connected. GTreasury can be that backbone for your organization, offering a variety of options to help you stay connected to banks, internal systems and other third parties.

Seamless Treasury Software Connectivity Across Your Ecosystem

Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs change the way data is exchanged between systems, shifting the paradigm to an on-demand, real-time approach, which is critical to the progress of faster payment initiatives and reporting. GTreasury’s open APIs and extensive API library make connecting to banks, third parties and back-office systems simple and seamless. In addition to building leading-edge APIs, GTreasury also understands the importance of being able to implement them easily. The API portal not only contains an extensive repository of APIs available for integration, but a landing page with important information for getting started and all API endpoints and technical details for successfully implementing GTreasury functions into your environment. GTreasury builds security into every aspect of its application and APIs are no exception. APIs are kept secure by company-specific access keys, encryption, data transport over HTTPS and TLS 1.2 and GTreasury access group security.

Direct Connectivity

GTreasury understands the importance of treasury software connectivity and its impact on effective treasury management. With a repository of 2,000+ direct connections to institutions around the globe and unrivaled expertise in working with every connection option and data format, GTreasury ensures your ecosystem is connected and your data is readily available.


Our large host-to-host network has hundreds of connections globally, so retrieval of your domestic and foreign bank information can be scheduled to occur at any time or frequency. Additionally, we can create nearly any type of custom format. We support any H2H connectivity method that meets our stringent security standards, including SFTP, FTPS, PGP encryption and SSH (secure shell) encryption. Our solution is flexible and allows for significant customization and the layering of security and encryption protocols.


Securely connect to over 11,000 financial institutions for payments, balance retrieval and the downloading of electronic statements via the SWIFT network. Our unique relationship with the SWIFT organization allows you to leverage the powerful SWIFT Alliance Lite 2 (AL2) framework, which uses your corporate BIC to retrieve bank statements via FileAct or the SWIFT network.

Bank File Monitoring and Error-Handling

Our bank file connection monitoring and error-handling services include:

  • Confirmation of bank-wide line outage
  • Call bank on client behalf for status update
  • Late delivery alerts via GTreasury Community
  • Email and phone notification and restoration

  • Re-run automated job after late bank delivery
  • Ongoing alert and notification of status until resolution
  • Verification of downstream effect
  • Email and phone notification of changes made

Easily connect to select partners in the GTreasury ecosystem via API in Marketplace.

GTreasury’s pre-built API connectors streamline the setup and integration process, allowing you to achieve data synchronization faster. Simply click on the partner’s tile in the Marketplace, follow a few on-screen steps, and get connected.
It really is that easy.

In our business, our name and our brand is everything. With all that cash flowing through our doors each day, there’s a lot on the line in reputational risk. Our TMS is a great and fancy reporting tool, but it is 100% a risk-mitigation tool.

Steve Huse

Senior Vice President

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