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Clear Connect LogoClearConnect offers a seamless connectivity suite and workflow that ensures the fidelity of data essential to treasurers and CFOs 

Clear and confident connections are only as good as the underlying workflows supporting them. With ClearConnect’s purpose-built interfaces, we create a single source of truth for more effective treasury and risk management.  

ClearConnect provides both the powerful underlying workflows and the multi-faceted purpose-built API-enabled connectivity to ensure that data capture is consistently done correctly and thoroughly providing all the analytics an organization needs from a particular connection. The solution creates certainty, security, and seamless connections by integrating all data from business systems and financial institutions and can combine connection types for uniquely complete data sets and data fidelity. 

Benefits of ClearConnect: 

  • Secure connectivity across the financial value chain 
  • Extensions to corporate treasury workflows 
  • Access to specialist solutions within the integrated platform 
  • Access to multiple innovative FinTech products and services 
  • Lower bank fee costs through seamless connectivity 
GTreasury Clear Connect

GTreasury Ecosystem: Purpose-built for treasury and finance

ClearConnect’s flexible connectivity architecture uses best-in-class API-enabled connections to ensure fidelity and continuity of customers’ most vital data. GTreasury’s ever-expanding partnerships with leading global financial institutions and market data partners ensure seamless bank and ERP connectivity, domestic and international transactions, and access to market insights.  

Connectivity into Swift, Fides, and others provides a single source of truth and visibility into an organization’s cash and financial risk, and delivers transparent workflows for payments, bank file monitoring, and more.  

From risk management capabilities powered by Moody’s Analytics and KYOS, to market data provided by Refinitiv and Fenics MD, to banking, ERP, investments, and payments partners, ClearConnect now enables customers to wield the full power of the GTreasury ecosystem even more easily and completely.  

Available Bank APIs

Bank Fees and Banking


Balance and transaction reporting as well as payment execution.

Bank Fees

Simplified monthly bank fee analysis. valuable benchmarking, and dashboards.

Transaction Banking

Transform and simplify cross-boarder and cross-currency payments.



Multi-bank connectivity and transaction communications


Securely connect to over 11,000 financial institutions


Asset Liability Management

Automate ALM tasks and monitor and manage risk far more effectively and completely.


Valuation, risk management and optimization in energy and commodity markets.

Market Data


Validated end-of-day market data across a wide range of currencies and asset classes.

Fenics MD

Accurately value a wide range of derivatives in different currencies and interest rates.


Capital Markets

Integrate your Cash Management and Investments via the leading global liquidity network provider.

Asset Management

Balance and transaction reporting as well as payment execution.

ClearConnect Platform API Catalog

The ClearConnect Gateway is a uniquely comprehensive, cost-effective global bank API connectivity technologythat offers built-in data integrations with leading banking partners, delivering immediate access to your payment information, balance and transaction reporting, real-time data analysis, modern payment technologies and more. Our out-of-the-box solution is built for ease and breadth, with industry-leading onboarding speed that will have you up and running—smoothly and effortlessly—from day one.

ClearConnect offers over 80 API calls inside the GTreasury platform, giving you the highest flexibility in tailoring our platform to your needs.  

Balances and Transactions

Create, view or update actual or estimated balances and transactions

Bank Accounts

View existing bank accounts

Bank Account Management

Manage banks, accounts, signers, etc. related to BAM workflow


Add or remove legal entities to template groups


Create new, view, remove, update, or void existing forecasts

General Ledger

Create and update the Ledger information and the Chart of Accounts

Data Extracts

Journal entries, payments, settlements, and transaction extracts


Create new operators, disable existing operators, and update operator contact email addresses

Payments and Templates

Create and update Payments, Templates, and Payment view.

Payments Approval Rules

Create new approval rules for Payments

Payment Workflow

Create and update Payments and Templates, as well as Payment view by status

Manage Connections Your Way

ClearConnect’s robust connectivity integrates critical data from all your financial institutions and business systems into your treasury management system, making it easier to manage liquidity and risk. Data feeds from your banks, trading platforms, ERP, and other third-party data sources are automatically aggregated in one simple, secure SaaS platform interface for full cash visibility, accurate forecasting, and increased risk management. What’s more, ClearConnect’s managed connectivity allows our team to easily adapt your data connections to meet your changing business needs. You can rely on GTreasury to implement and continuously monitor connections to your financial institutions to ensure your transactions are sent and received when and how you intend.  


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