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GTreasury’s connectivity solutions and partners give you the ability to work with proprietary and standard message formats to easily connect whenever and wherever needed. Our partners include:

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GTreasury is part of the SWIFT Certified Partner Program and is proud to offer global bank connectivity and hosting options for SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2 platform. GTreasury and SWIFT have also partnered to offer SWIFTRef data for IBAN and ABA lookups directly from within GTreasury’s workflow.

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GTreasury works with Fides to extend multi-bank connectivity to customers around the globe. Fides focuses on simplifying multi-bank connectivity and the partnership with GTreasury allows them to offer greater flexibility and choice for treasury management technology with proven bank connectivity.

Committed to helping corporations optimally connect and interact with their banks for over a century, Fides’ solutions deliver critical multi-bank account statements, payment workflows and reporting capabilities that allow treasury and finance teams to easily, accurately and securely communicate with their banks through any possible channel such as SWIFT, EBICS, SFTP, APIs or any alternative network.


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