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As client needs change, so will GTreasury by actively collaborating with best-of-breed partners to create and deliver select products and services that enrich the core GTreasury offering.

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Founded in 1991, Coprocess has established itself as the leading intercompany netting provider. The company’s 175 global clients across a range of industries leverage the Coprocess solution to net millions of invoices per year and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in FX and transaction expenses. Coprocess was acquired by GTreasury in 2021 and can be implemented as an integrated partner solution as well as a standalone offering.

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NDepth, from Treasury Strategies

GTreasury partnered with Treasury Strategies, a division of Novantas, Inc., to provide time and cost savings with the NDepth Bank Fee Analysis. The partnership allows GTreasury to provide connectivity to retrieve files from banks and send them to NDepth via a secure and encrypted connection. NDepth automates and simplifies the analysis of monthly bank statement fees while providing valuable benchmarking and dashboards so you can compare information across banks, confirm you are paying what you should and evaluate your prices and rates against the market. Clients benefit from having the best of both solutions in a single platform, with single sign-on and seamless access to NDepth reports from within the GTreasury application.

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