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Strategic Treasurer & GTreasury Present the 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report

Strategic Treasurer, in partnership with GTreasury, has released the 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report. 

The 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report serves as a definitive guide for thoughtful financial stewardship in the digital age, aiding practitioners in exploring how treasury technology meets treasury needs. The report delves into technology trends for this year and beyond, current market conditions and challenges, and how treasurers can find the best solutions for their programs. Additionally, the report discusses the following themes: 

  • Treasury and Risk Management: Foundations, Objectives, and TMS Implementation 
  • Treasury Aggregation  
  • Supply Chain Finance and Cash Conversion Cycle  
  • Enterprise Liquidity Management 
  • GTreasury SaaS Solutions 

GTreasury is highlighted as a leading provider of treasury and risk management systems, and the report details GTreasury’s solutions and services that support treasurers across the globe. As your organization grows and expands its technology, GTreasury will ensure you have clear data visibility and intelligent insights to: 

  • Streamline Cash & Payments 
  • Optimize Risk Management Initiatives 
  • Maximize Productivity with Automation 

Download the 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report to expand your knowledge on treasury technology and learn how a TRMS can support your organization’s goals. 


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