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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services. With Azure, you have the freedom to build, operate and deploy applications on a global network using your chosen tools and frameworks.

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The Power of Azure

Microsoft’s continuous innovation supports your development as well as your product visions. With 1,000+ new capabilities in the past year, you can build on the latest advancements in AI, blockchain, Kubernetes, containers, and databases to keep you ahead of the curve. Microsoft’s analytics solution outperforms the competition, costs less, and is fully compatible with your existing development tools.


Build on Your Terms

Open source drives innovation through collaboration and contributes back to the community. Microsoft's commitment to open source and support for all languages and frameworks allows you to build and deploy how you want to. Take advantage of the fully featured, integrated development environments with built-in support Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Seamless Hybrid Operation

Integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud. Enhance security and accessibility, and set policies across your different environments with a single identity platform that is trusted by 90% of enterprises globally.


Trust Your Cloud

Microsoft Azure's security is backed by a team of experts, as well as proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups alike. With a $1B+ investment in security R&D and 3,500 cybersecurity experts, security will continue to be a foundation block for Azure.

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