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Financial Instruments

Get Actionable Insights

Manage your financial instruments from initiation to maturity in a centralized workflow. Navigate resets, confirmations, exercise, renewals, limits, cash positions, payments, valuations, credit exposure, forecasts, and accounting.

Centralized Trade Management

Consolidate your portfolio to enhance your workflow. Assign trade details, standard settlement instructions, general ledger event mappings, and customized reporting. Enable a full range of counterparty, concentration, maturity, and dealer limits before execution.

Improved Reporting and Audit Trails

Use a marker/checker process to strengthen audit trails and upgrade reporting for vanilla or complex securities and derivative instruments.

From Debt to Investments

Take charge of your financial journey with our comprehensive approach. From streamlining transactions to crafting customized cash flow schedules, GTreasury allows you to renegotiate terms across various instruments. Our expertise spans working capital treasury instruments, encompassing facilities, fees, call accounts, guarantees, discount securities, and certificates of deposit. Delve into the realm of capital market instruments, where bonds, term and P&I loans, asset-backed securities, and floating-rate notes open doors to diverse opportunities.

Ready to elevate your financial strategy? Explore the nuances of Debt Lifecycle Management – your playbook for navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.

Get a Full View

Monitor all your financial instrument workflows in a detailed dashboard. Schedule cash and non-cash events, exposures, and positions in a single location with trade and derivative data.

Manage Interest Rate Derivatives

We offer interest rate swaps (vanilla, basis, and RFR), cross-currency swaps, swaptions and caps/collars/floors. You can also close out transactions, manage custom cash flow schedules, and renegotiate terms.

Take Control of Intercompany Loans

We offer term and ad-hoc loans. You can also mirror trades, generate double-sided accounting, capitalize interest, support withholding tax, close out transactions, manage custom cash flow schedules, and renegotiate terms.

Process Facilities with Ease

All facilities and guarantees are recorded and processed in our system. Utilization fees, upfront fees, and unutilized fees can be calculated as well. We also offer usage limits and drawdown schedule reports.

Manage Your Inflation Exposure

We offer principal- and interest-indexed inflation exposures, bonds, and swaps. Plus, you can close out transactions, manage custom cash flow schedules, and renegotiate terms.

Navigate Foreign Exchange (FX)

We offer currency exposures, FX spots, FX forwards (including non-deliverable), FX swaps, and FX options. You can also pre-deliver and roll exposures and forwards, as well as back-to-back derivatives.

Streamline Credit Valuation Adjustments (CVA)

Manage your debt and hedging programs while complying with IRFS9 hedge accounting requirements as well as IRFS13 requirements for Credit Valuation Adjustments (CVA).

A Seamless Connection

When you’re integrated with external platforms, including money market providers and FX providers, you can achieve real-time processing. Our extensive API library automates deal ticket creation and back-to-back transactions for central treasury models.

Connect with Goldman Sachs Mosaic

Gain direct access to Mosaic – Goldman Sachs’ investment platform – for on-demand connectivity for cash and investment workflows. Powered by ClearConnect, our seamless connectivity suite, this consolidated view shows you real-time trading, confirmation, and reconciliation of 23 of the largest money market fund providers globally, along with over 200 money market funds across seven major currencies.

amrit data
amrit data

Empower Your Hedge Accounting

Our risk suite simplifies the designation and testing of hedge relationships, generating detailed compliance documentation and accounting entries. Our hedge accounting module supports IFRS 9 to ASC 815 and IFRS 13 with advanced CVA/DVA, as well as ASC 815 with changes from ASU No. 2017-12.

We’d explored several treasury systems, but they didn’t quite fit what we wanted. They felt cumbersome and clunky. When we looked at GTreasury, we found that the user interface was intuitive, it was easy to set up, and it could cope with all the quirks in our debt portfolio.

Dave Johnson

Group Head of Treasury

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