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Cash Management

Unlock potential growth with real-time cash and liquidity management

GTreasury delivers real-time cash and liquidity management through its secure, centralized solution for end-to-end cash visibility. With its highly configurable worksheets underpinning its cash positioning, cash forecasting, reconciliation and in-house banking, GTreasury makes it easy to dynamically manage your liquidity requirements, as well as minimize the cost and time associated with moving cash internally.

Take Control with Cash Positioning

Take greater control of your organization’s cash and liquidity with cash positions that are built, viewed and analyzed using transactional data pulled from multiple internal and external sources. Because information is continually updated, you can act with confidence and drive value by making informed decisions based on real-time data.


Respond Quickly with Cash Forecasting

Predict future liquidity requirements and proactively respond to changing conditions using the power of artificial intelligence. With GTreasury’s ever-popular worksheets, your treasury team can create forecasts, run models and apply formulas to see sunny-day and the rainy-day forecasts. Similarly, when you see what you like, you can apply it to any cash position worksheet.


Streamline In-House Banking

Manage your in-house bank like an external financial institution. With GTreasury, you can holistically view all your funds and allocate them to internal entities where required, without the associated fees. In addition, you can track multi-level in-house bank accounts and cash pooling, as well as intercompany account relationships. Pair In-House Banking with our Payments solution to manage foreign debt and lending, eliminating currency exchange fees.


Improve Reconciliation

GTreasury’s fully automated, rules-based reconciliation capabilities let you focus on unmatched, outstanding transactions. Match and reconcile any variety of bank data to book data from a single screen. And you can reconcile directly from GTreasury’s worksheets or from a dedicated dashboard screen showing reconciled and unreconciled items side-by-side.

GTreasury Netting
The GTreasury Netting solution is compatible with this module.


GTreasury was able to handle our complex account structure… The worksheets are flexible and give us the ability to add, move or remove accounts in real-time.

Cheryl Kavka

Manager of Corporate Banking, Prudential

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