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How Commercial Real Estate can centralize your treasury?

The need for optimization in Real Estate Financial Management has never been more critical. Handling reconciliation, liquidity management, and cash forecasting manually can heighten the possibility of errors. Having a strong Treasury and Risk Management Solution (TRMS) is crucial to guiding your business through volatility.

We at GTreasury understand the unique complexity of Real Estate Treasury Management. Using our best-in-class treasury technology, automation, and cloud-based financial tools, you can get back to strategic decision-making.

Our Real Estate Treasury Management Solutions offer:

  • Immediate visibility into your current liquidity position and payment connections
  • Comprehensive bank fee analysis
  • Seamless cash forecasting and scenario modeling to move at market pace
  • Robust connectivity to centralize your transactions and manage complexity
  • Streamlined reconciliation and reporting

Find out what’s possible when you gain the strategic advantage. With GTreasury, you can connect your world, unify your data, and get insights that drive bottom-line growth. We’d love to chat more to learn how GTreasury can help with your specific treasury needs. Fill out the form to book time with one of our Real Estate Treasury Management Experts.

Let’s transform treasury together.

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8 Risks of Spreadsheets in Treasury and How You Can Avoid Them

The spreadsheet was once the standard, but it’s no longer effective when trying to manage multiple revenue streams, modern data security, and debt financing in a strict regulatory environment such as the real estate industry. This helpful article details some of the flaws and risks associated with continuing to manage your treasury via spreadsheet and illustrates the benefits of switching to a TRMS.

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