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Take a modern approach to managing modern risk

What are the risks that keep you up at night? The uncertainty of fluctuating interest or foreign exchange rates, potential disruptions in the supply chain, liquidity risks impacting cash flows and P/L, counterparty risks on derivatives, changes in global tax and cross-border regulations, the ever-present threat of fraud?

Now more than ever, your ability to minimize risk while protecting liquidity to drive business growth relies on the accuracy and integrity of your treasury data. You need both a real-time holistic view of all your positions, as well as the ability to dive down into the supporting data at will to derive actionable insights that lead to astute business decisions.

With GTreasury’s fully integrated, sophisticated risk management software tools your treasury team will have the power to:

  • Easily analyze complex data.
  • Manage full deal lifecycle from initiation through maturity.
  • Ensure exposures conform to company risk policies.

  • Design superior risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Develop robust dashboards and visualizations to share with leadership.
  • Maintain strict security and compliance standards.

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Financial Instruments

One centralized workflow and unified view of your entire portfolio gives your treasury team end-to-end management and control of all your investments and debt.

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Risk Management

GTreasury’s integrated cash and risk management software makes it easy to process, analyze, interpret, visualize and evaluate changing exposures compared to your company’s risk policy, and then make adjustments necessary to minimize risk.


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Hedge Accounting

Mark-to-market and effectiveness testing based on sound methodologies, measurement calculations built on sophisticated algorithms, curves engineered with precision, and support for international and U.S. hedge accounting standards give your team the power to easily manage earnings volatility for a wide range of exposures.

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Security & Compliance

A variety of security and multi-factor authentication options deliver extra layers of protection to safeguard your sensitive data without sacrificing functionality or performance.

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