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Manage Risk

A Modern Approach to Modern Risk

Figuring out how to minimize risk can keep you up at night. Our software and services, partnered with our consulting, gives you a holistic view of your financial positions and deep insights into your data. Protect your liquidity and make smarter business decisions that drive growth.

Our unified, sophisticated FX and IR risk management software tools empower treasury teams to:

  • Easily analyze complex data.
  • Manage full deal lifecycles from initation through maturity.
  • Stick to company risk policies.

  • Create superior risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Develop dashboards and visualizations that bring insights to leadership.
  • Access detailed hedge reporting.
  • Follow strict security and compliance standards.

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Financial Instruments

Get end-to-end management and control over your investments and debt with a unified view of your entire portfolio.

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Risk Management

Process, analyze, interpret, visualize, and evaluate changing exposures compared to your risk policy and make adjustments to minimize risk.

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Hedge Accounting

Manage earnings volatility from exposure to disclosure with measurement calculations built on sophisticated algorithms and curves that support U.S. hedge accounting standards.

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Security & Compliance

Stay secure with multi-factor authentication and other layers of protection to safeguard your data without compromising on usability. GTreasury is IFRS9, US GAAP, and IFRS16 compliant.


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