Privacy Policy

Effective Date: May 11, 2018

GTreasury knows that the information given to us by you is very important and that you care how that information is used and stored. We take your privacy very seriously at GTreasury, and that is why we have this Privacy Policy in place. This Privacy Policy describes how GTreasury goes about gathering your information and how it is used and stored, whether it be from information received online or offline. By using the sites online or following the offline practices you are agreeing to the practices that are outlined in the Privacy Policy mentioned herein.

1. What Types of Information Does GTreasury Collect About its Users?

  • Personal Information: “Personal Information” is identified as information that is used to tell who a user may be. Information that is used to do this can include: first and last name, title, company name, phone number, email address, and company address. By submitting any personal information to GTreasury, you are giving us the consent to use this information as it pertains to this privacy policy.
  • Other Information: “Other Information” is identified as information that does not directly tell who someone is, but instead is more of a generalization. Examples would include: cookies, browser and device information, regions, lead sources, and search engine information or terms. This information is used to analyze where users are and the channels used to reach us.
  • IP Address: An “IP Address” is a set of numbers that is given to the user automatically by your internet service provider. IP addresses are automatically captured through our system when you access any GTreasury owned or hosted sites. This is a standard practice throughout all industries and individuals. IP addresses are used to see where people are accessing GTreasury’s website from, to track usage of the GTreasury site, as well as to track user engagement and journeys to better assist in providing relevant

2. How does GTreasury Collect Information?

Personal Information is gathered in many different ways, for example:

  • Through You: GTreasury will gather information like: name, email address, full billing address, phone numbers, company name, and title by you voluntarily providing the information to us. Voluntary methods include: form submissions filled out on any website owned by GTreasury, emails sent directly to any individual at the corporate domain ( or by physically distributing your information to us via a business card, sign-up sheet, and the like. There are no legal obligations to give GTreasury your personal information, and any information given to us will be provided by your own free will.
  • Offline: Personal information can be collected offline when you: attend trade shows or conferences GTreasury is present at, User Meetings/Conferences hosted by GTreasury, phone calls conducted by GTreasury employees or contractors, or by contacting our GTreasury Customer Support teams.
  • Online: Personal information may be collected when you are online. Examples of this include: completing any forms on a website owned by GTreasury including, but not limited to, request a demo form, contact us form, download a whitepaper form, download a product card form, download an infographic, download case study, download an eBook, or by signing up for any webinars hosted by GTreasury or an announced partner of GTreasury.
  • Information from Other Sources: In order for us to provide you with the best quality service and relevant marketing, we may gather information about you from other third party resources including: data cleansing tools, data enhancement tools, and social media platforms.

Other Information is gathered through a variety of ways such as:

  • Through IP Address: Your IP address is automatically captured when you visit our site and is used to analyze where users are accessing us from. We also use the IP Address to see the usage of our site and to analyze any problems that may occur.
  • Browser or Device: Information collected by your browser can be what browser you are using and what type of device you are using.
  • Web Analytics: These analytics are captured through cookies and help provide GTreasury with information like unique visitors, activity, traffic provided by certain devices, and what channels are providing GTreasury the most web traffic.

3. How Does GTreasury Use Personal Information?

  • To make sure we have all your correct information in case we need to contact you regarding your service or respond to any questions.
  • To send you updates on what’s happening with GTreasury.
  • To send you relevant marketing information that we believe to be of interest to you via email.
  • To develop a user profile through a lead scoring process that customizes your experiences that best pertain to you.
  • For legitimate business purpose only, such as data analysis, running campaigns, developing new products, enhancing the user experience, and solving problems.

4. How Will GTreasury Share Other Information & Personal Information it receives?

GTreasury will not share any information it is given by its users without consent.  Any information shared will be general information such as number of users, preferred TMS preferences, etc.

5. How Does GTreasury Secure Personal Information?

GTreasury has technical and organizational practices in place to make sure your information is safe and secure. We monitor all network and security systems to ensure they are updated and running correctly. Information may be stored in any GTreasury facility, subject to local and global regulation regarding cross border transfer of data.

6. How Can I Access, Correct, Amend, or Remove Information About Me?

To access, correct, amend, or remove information about yourself please reach out to us directly at

7. How Long Does GTreasury Keep My Information?

We will keep your personal information for as long as is relevant for the purposes outlined in this policy or until you opt out or unsubscribe.

8. What Choices Do I Have?

You have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing emails from GTreasury by sending us an email at or by clicking unsubscribe or opt-out at the bottom of any email.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

GTreasury reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy as deemed necessary. The effective date of the policy will be displayed at the top of the page.

10. Questions, Concerns or Complaints

If you have questions or concerns in regards to how GTreasury is gathering and housing your information, please reach out to us via email at or by mail at 2100 E. Lake Cook Rd., Suite 1100, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.