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Optimize Liquidity

Empower Decision Making

If you had full visibility into your global cash and liquidity, how much more business value could you create?

Spreadsheets and ERP systems only get you part of the way. With GTreasury, you get all the information you need to inform strategic business decisions. Know:

  • Where all your cash is located
  • How your available cash liquidity compares to current and upcoming costs
  • The holistic value of your investment portfolio, from earnings rates to maturity dates

  • How your cash is divided by currency
  • Where you have additional liquidity and how to access it
  • Available cash reserves and what is available for investing

Our fully integrated, dedicated suite gives you clear visibility into your entire liquidity landscape, so you can steer your business in the right direction.

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Cash Positioning

Manage your organization’s cash and liquidity with visibility from real-time transactional data.

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Cash Forecasting

Create forecasts and models to predict your future liquidity landscape with power and speed. 

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Simplify your cash flow by automating and scheduling transactions anywhere in your organization.

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Financial Instruments

View your entire portfolio, from investments to debt, in one place.


If I didn’t have GTreasury right now I wouldn’t be able to sleep. We need to have a consolidated cash positioning, forecast assumptions, and auto journal entry creation process to even function as a treasury team.

Treasury Manager of a Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Quantitive Analyst | North America

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