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Realize the potential of optimized liquidity

Imagine what business value you could create with real-time visibility and insight into your global cash and liquidity. Just think of it…no more guesstimating your current cash positions in each of your accounts or subsidiaries or having to craft a forecast with incomplete data to provide leadership with a last-minute update.

To move your treasury from one of simple necessity to that of strategic advisor to the broader organization, you need to know every day and every hour, exactly:

  • Where all your cash is located.
  • How your available liquidity compares to your obligations now and in the future.
  • The full value of your entire investment portfolio, the earnings rates and maturity dates.

  • How much of your cash is tied up in each currency.
  • Where you could access additional liquidity, and at what rate.
  • Available cash reserves, and how much could actually be invested for the short and long terms.

That’s the power of optimized liquidity with GTreasury. With fully integrated cash management and payments engines, robust cash forecasting, exceptional bank connectivity and portfolio and risk management, GTreasury provides clear, end-to-end visibility into your entire liquidity landscape to empower well-informed financial and strategic business decisions.

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Cash Positioning

Achieve greater control of your organization’s cash and liquidity with visibility into real-time transactional data from throughout your enterprise.

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SmartPredictions™ Cash Forecasting

Predict future liquidity requirements and proactively respond to changing conditions using the power, speed and agility of artificial intelligence. Easily create various forecasts and run multiple models as often as needed to provide leadership with accurate, reliable scenarios.

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Elevate control of your cash flow with the power to automate and schedule any volume of global payment transactions initiated anywhere throughout your entire organization. 

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Financial Instruments

Consolidate your portfolio data into one centralized workflow for exceptional visibility and end-to-end management of all your investments and debt.

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If I didn’t have GTreasury right now I wouldn’t be able to sleep. We need to have a consolidated cash positioning, forecast assumptions, and auto journal entry creation process to even function as a treasury team.

Treasury Manager of a Fortune 500 Insurance Company

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