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Reconsider the role and impact treasury can have on driving business growth. Rather than operating simply as a support function within the organization, your treasury has the potential to be a valued, strategic partner to leadership. Yet becoming integral to shaping your organization’s strategy relies on clear visibility into your business’s liquidity, shrewd analysis of opportunities and possible risks, and the ability to provide insightful visualizations of the resulting business opportunities.

With GTreasury, you’ll not only have all the data you need at your fingertips, you’ll also have the power to provide leadership with actionable recommendations backed by supporting data as often as needed. Integrated, out-of-box data visualizations and dashboard capabilities make it easy for your C-Suite to understand the meaning behind the data in order to gain the clarity and confidence to make critical business decisions.

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Equip your executives with greater confidence to make critical business decisions. Our built-in reporting engine contains nearly 100 standard reports, along with fully customized reports and slick dashboards. View global data in real time and easily set up scheduled or on-demand reports.

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Cash Positioning

Achieve greater control of your organization’s cash and liquidity with real-time reports and visualizations of transactional data from throughout your enterprise.

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Risk Management

Process, analyze, interpret, visualize and evaluate changing exposures compared to your company’s risk policy, and then easily take any necessary action—all within your GTreasury solution. 

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