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Synchronize the activity between your company and your banks

With GTreasury’s Banking solution, you can centralize your treasury bank account information and automate basic processes to gain full transparency and control over your banking activity. Get the most out of your banking relationships with bank fee analysis, a powerful bank account management tool, and a repository of auditable electronic bank statements.

Bank fee analysis gives you an edge

GTreasury has partnered with Treasury Strategies to integrate NDepth Bank Fee Analysis, streamlining your monthly task of managing international and domestic bank fees. As your bank files are automatically loaded from GTreasury into NDepth, reports are available as the files are received—it’s that simple. Visual reporting and dashboards provide meaningful cross-bank comparisons and benchmarks against companies with similar volume levels to identify discrepancies and negotiate lower fees with the banks, resulting in significant cost savings.

GTreasury bank account management clarifies responsibility

GTreasury's Banking capabilities provides holistic bank account management, giving you complete control over your bank accounts. Users can setup, track and modify signer information and account authorizations and set limits for specific services. GTreasury's audit facility automatically creates a full audit trail of all changes and record modifications.

eStatements streamline support for audits

GTreasury streamlines the process of producing treasury bank account statements and supporting documents for both internal and external audits. With the eStatement electronic document repository, users can download and store bank files, statements and supporting documents in a centralized location. Organized by type, users can easily access and view a list of statements from within a single screen.

Bank payments connections to accommodate your needs

We provide a variety of options to help you stay connected to banks, internal systems and other third parties. You’ll also have access to an ever-growing library of APIs, which allows you to extend GTreasury functionality to your back-office ERP systems and even provide mobile functionality.

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