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Connect Bank and Company Activity

Our banking solution centralizes your treasury bank account information to automate basic processes. Get the most out of your banking relationships with bank fee analysis, account management, and a repository of auditable electronic bank statements.

Lower Your Bank Fees

Inform bank fee negotiation with visual reporting, cross-bank comparisons, and benchmarks. We’ve partnered with Treasury Strategies to integrate NDepth Bank Fee Analysis, streamlining international and domestic bank fee management. Automatically load your bank files from GTreasury to NDepth and start identifying discrepancies and cutting costs.

Track Changes and Permissions

Get holistic bank account management and account control. Set up, track, and modify signer information and account authorizations, as well as limits for specific services. Stay up to date with our audit facility, where you can see a full audit trail of any changes or modifications.

Streamline eStatements

Simplify your banking processes for producing statements and supporting documents for internal and external audits. With our eStatement electronic document repository, you can download and store bank files, statements, and supporting documents in a unified location.

Banking that Grows with You

Access a constantly-expanding library of APIs to make GTreasury work best for your needs. With a variety of options from back-office ERP systems to mobile functionality, you’ll stay better connected to banks, internal systems, and other third parties.

A Connected Solution

Get a more detailed look into how Banking fits in the GTreasury platform.


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