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A History of Unleashing Organizations’ Potential

For over 30 years, we’ve been innovating our solutions to give clients a powerful, single source of truth for their complex global finances. As technology, treasury, and the world has evolved, so have we. From our first product built by Orazio Manzi-Fe Pater, a pioneer of automated treasury software, to our current SaaS treasury ecosystem, our mission has stayed the same: to create solutions that empower finance teams to drive business value.

Our decades of expertise have allowed us to evolve with treasury and lead the category into the future. Our work in the past has shaped our bright vision for the future of finance, with innovations like comparative benchmarking solutions or AI-enabled actionable insights. We're actively improving treasury for more than 800 customers in 30+ industries and in over 160 countries.

The Values That Connect Us


We’re constantly pushing the boundaries and innovating our technology to solve big problems.


We're determined to deliver solutions that make our clients' jobs easier, no matter what their unique needs are.


We prioritize attention to detail, discipline, and teamwork to strengthen relationships and create better solutions.


We're dedicated to our vision, our clients, and to each other, creating an environment of outstanding customer support, dependability, and impactful results.


We hold connections dear and act with integrity, personal accountability, and openness.

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