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The trouble with manually inputting data, navigating multiple bank and partner portal logins and managing your treasury using spreadsheets is the amount of time these processes take to get the job done. Well, then there’s that other problem—the potential for errors when manually combining data from multiple sources.

GTreasury gives you the tools to say goodbye to these time-consuming, error-prone processes. Unlike other treasury management solutions, GTreasury features a single, integrated database and intuitive workflow design that combine to eliminate burdensome manual processes and spreadsheet management, giving you more robust information in a fraction of the time.

What’s more, our treasury management solution offers you unmatched single-sign-on access to financial institutions and third-party services (such as rate and trading systems) with a built-in library of more than 2,000 direct connections to institutions worldwide.

With GTreasury, your treasury team will be free to spend more time focusing on developing better strategies to optimize your organization’s liquidity to help drive growth.

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Realize greater efficiencies and enhanced control with GTreasury’s intuitive workflows, integrated database, open API platform and unified treasury management ecosystem.

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Minimize bank fees by centralizing your bank information and automating bank fee analysis and account management. You’ll have the power to gain full transparency and cost control over all your banking activity.

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Eliminate the burden of manual accounting processes and sync with your ERP chart of accounts. Automate all processes from journal entries to multiple ledgers to reconciliation, saving time and eliminating human error.

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