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GTreasury is more than a technology platform: we’re a team of professionals dedicated to your success. With 30 years of corporate treasury experience behind us, we understand that every treasury operation is unique. We’ll be there to work with you through every step of the process.

Focused on Your Success

Our customer satisfaction scores (NPS) consistently outperform long-standing industry averages by more than 50 points. From our knowledgeable sales team and implementation specialists to our in-house client support analysts, each member of the GTreasury team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer experience.


Easy to Use

Our intuitive platform is completely tailored to corporate treasury work, making everything you need only two clicks away.

Robust Reporting Engine

Our integrated reporting tool makes it easy to create clear, detailed reports and data visualizations. Combine seperate reports into informative dashboards to give important data to your executive team.

All Your Data in One Place

To minimize errors and protect your data, every module of our platform draws from the same source: a single, integrated database with direct connections to your ERP, banks, and other third-party partners.


Our Technology Scales With You

GTreasury is built on Microsoft Azure – a service with exceptional scalability, world-class cybersecurity, and advanced compliance features – to ensure the highest availability and data redundancy.


Security & Compliance

Our strict security and multi-factor authentication requirements safeguard your sensitive data without sacrificing functionality or performance.


Our Partners are Your Partners

Work smarter and faster with built-in access to productivity tools from curated partner services within the GTreasury Ecosystem.

GTreasury is not one-size-fits-all. It is a modular platform, allowing you to choose what you need rather than paying for extra functionality that you don’t use.

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