Cash Management

For any financial professional cash and the management of liquidity is paramount. For GTreasury this is what we‘ve been about for over a quarter of a century. Illuminating liquidity is what we do best and nowhere is that more evident than in our cash management solutions. GTreasury’s powerful and proprietary worksheets are unparalleled in this industry. Whether your needs revolve around global visibility, cash positioning, or robust forecasting – GTreasury’s customizable treasury worksheets will make it easy for you to illuminate your liquidity.

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Funds Transfers

GTreasury is the most robust and comprehensive funds transfer systems available today. Our global coverage and proprietary connectivity allows you to connect with any bank around the globe (regardless of format) and move your money at will. Payments are a very sensitive requirement for treasuries and require a lot of experience and know how. At GTreasury, we’ve been electronically moving money around the globe since 1986, you can rest assured we have the solution for you.

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Financial Instruments

Regardless of whether your organization is a net debtor or a net investor, deals in simplistic instruments, or has complex esoteric models – GTreasury’s Financial Instruments will be able to solve your tracking needs. Your portfolio of holdings is an essential inclusion into your company’s liquidity. Allow us to model your instruments and GTreasury will schedule your payments, post entries to your ledger, and send the cash flows to our worksheets to help you track your overall liquidity. You have to track your portfolio somewhere – why not gain the benefits of tracking it within GTreasury.

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Assigning debit and credit entries for your entire portfolio and every single bank transaction that goes through your bank accounts is a very manual and tedious process. Why have people spend their time with repetitive processes when GTreasury’s customizable rules and ERP integration can tag your entries and post them to your ledger while you sleep? Let GTreasury automate your accounting entries and free up your time for more value added activities.

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Responsibilities for treasuries just keep growing, but the headcounts don’t follow. If liquidity management wasn’t enough to handle, treasuries are being burdened with the duties of managing organizational bank accounts and the changes that occur, watching and monitoring bank fees to ensure compliance with contracts, and in some cases downloading or filing the plethora of bank statements that make their way through the mail on to your desk. Let GTreasury ease this burden. We can help you manage everything related to your bank accounts, store all your bank statements, and audit your bank fees; in fact we’ll even save you money by highlighting the errors in your bank’s billings…rather illuminating, no?

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GTreasury is the only treasury platform that is both a true cloud-based SaaS deployment or offered as an installed solution. Since organizations have various requirements when it comes to outsourcing technology GTreasury strategically designed our system with both types of organizations in mind. Most of our recent clients have opted for our SaaS deployment, however there has always been and always will be organizations that require the complete control of their own data.

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Since 1986, GTreasury has created an unmatched repository of direct connections to financial institutions around the globe. Our expertise in working with any connection option or data format ensures that GTreasury will securely access, transmit, and display all your required treasury data.

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