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We believe that reporting (and flexibility in reporting) is a key element of any solution. Whichever module you choose, the system comes with a set of standard reports (available in PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF, and more formats) to cover basic needs. The system is linked to a report writer so that you can easily add, modify, and delete reports. If you need a new or modified report, we can build it and upload it into the application. The reports are linked to roles so you can control which groups of users have access to which reports.

We store all transactional data in perpetuity. As a consequence, we can analyze current and past pata to provide valuable insight about the:

  • Evolution of the number of disputes per month
  • Aging of disputes (the number of months that invoices have been in dispute)
  • Improvements to the dispute resolution process


It doesn’t end with reports: you can export data (even filtered data) from all the tables in the system and open in Excel, for example.

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