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Our product is an automated corporate software solution for multilateral netting, month-end reconciliation, and vendor payments. We’ve spent over 30 years working to optimize our clients’ settlement processes, and we’ve been proud to witness the results: improved compliance, increased efficiency, and millions saved. Treasury system solutions can be complex, but at the end of the day, the reasons to adopt them are simple – let’s work together to save time and money.

Intercompany Netting

Our solution integrates with your current treasury technology to bring simplicity and visibility to your workflow, reducing payment and FX volumes by up to 70%, centralizing banking relationships, and reducing float and complexity. What’s more, all this can happen in real-time with our optional, secure, private cloud API.


Intercompany Reconciliation

Our netting system opens a window into your intercompany transactions, including accounts received, accounts payable, interest, loans, and treasury transactions. Its continuously available, automatically reconciling invoices, eliminating mismatches, facilitating automatic reporting, and negotiating disputes.


Vendor Payments

We combine the benefits of netting with the control of payment centralization. Mix and match payment factory features for vendor and intercompany payments.


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