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Our netting software is SaaS-hosted in a shared application, and you have the choice of hosting in-house if needed. No matter where its hosted, the system is entirely browser-based, so you can bypass hardware or software hurdles.

Host at Home or Outsource

If you want to be in charge of hosting, we’ll help you set up. You provide the hardware and licenses, and we’ll install and configure the system and recommend any necessary tech. However, this option tends to be more expensive: you need to provide IT support, test the software, assure backup and contingency, and monitor systems, hardware, and data center activity. That said, we’ll still be there to assist at every step of the way.


We’ll handle any upgrades and send you notice of changes in advance – and we’ll always test and schedule the process for weekends to avoid impacting your business day.


Our controls and procedures (for both the application and physical hosting environment) are tested and audited by Deloitte SA. Deloitte also conducts regular penetration testing to help us assess and improve our safeguards.


Our hosting environment is monitored 24/7, and the result is nine years of continuous operation with a guaranteed uptime of over 99% for our 125 clients. System response reports are available by request.


Our hosting hardware and software are specifically designed to run netting in a shared user environment with multiple simultaneous users, remaining available at all times (aside from scheduled maintenance), even during periods of peak activity. It’s all configured with an n-tier approach – three levels, the first facing the user and web, the second hosting the application, and the third providing the database. See the architecture schematic for more details.


All licences are purchased and provided by Coprocess as part of the hosting package.

In Case of Failure

Should a component fail, a backup, redundant server, or machine will automatically take over processing.


We take measures to ensure that our service keeps running, even in cases of component failure. Among them are redundancies, where one machine takes over should another fail, and the use of RAID technology, which copies data to two or more disks in a single machine.


We back up our system every two hours and at the end of the day.


Backups are available off-site to be restored to hardware in another location should the datacenter be compromised.

Test Environment

Testing environments are available for clients to test large-scale upgrades, induct new participants, and simulate procedure changes without impacting the actual system – free of charge.

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