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  • How to Use Hedge Accounting to Align Derivatives & Currency Gains/Losses

    It’s mission-critical for companies to protect their margins, revenues, and expenses from unnecessary volatility. A lot of the time, volatility comes from currency changes — or, foreign exchange risk.

  • Is Your Balance Sheet Hedge Putting Your Cash at Risk?

    Most treasury professionals are comfortable gathering and netting down same currency exposures that go in opposite directions.

  • 3 Keys to FX Translation Accounting

    Translation and transaction accounting are often confused for one another — but the difference between them is important. How can you tell them apart?

  • How & When to Use Exchange Rates

    If your company transacts internationally, you know you need to use exchange rates to not only convert foreign currency transactions from the local currency into USD but also to translate foreign currency financial statements.

  • 4 Essential Facts to Demystify Basic Cash Flow Hedges

    Cash flow risk is defined as the variability of functional cash flows for an anticipated transaction or on an existing asset/liability due to a particular risk (in this case, foreign currency risk).