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  • Polycom Case Study


    Hedge Trackers’ RTZ analytics tool has reduced Polycom’s FX Gain/Loss performance reporting process from days to hours.

  • iRobot Case Study


    iRobot, a leading global consumer robotics company, had always used distributors to support its international business. But when it decided to make two strategic acquisitions, it encountered a risk it had never needed to manage: foreign currency risk.

  • economics of hedging webinar

    The Economics of Hedging: Thinking Outside the Box

    Gain on-demand access to find out how to adapt your old risk management strategies to today’s new world environment in this webinar playback.

  • hedging risk management webinar

    Hedging Your Bets: Risk Management in Volatile Markets

    Helen discuss not only how to prepare for challenges to minimize risk to your organization, but how it can give you a strategic advantage in this webinar playback.

  • Impact of Interest Rates

    The Impact of Rising Interest Rates: Managing Exposures and Scenario Planning

    Watch the playback and learn what decisions companies will need to make in light of rising interest rates that will affect financial reporting, key performance metrics and how treasurers can navigate the impact by managing exposures and scenario planning.