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  • Back to Basics Webinar

    Back to Basics: Best Practices in Derivatives & Hedge Accounting

    In this playback, Helen Kane, Risk and Exposure Fellow and founder of Hedge Trackers, a GTreasury company, highlights one such risk management strategy: hedging.

  • CNH vs. CNY: Which of These Currencies is the “Right” Balance Sheet Rate?

    For the most part determining the appropriate balance sheet rate is fairly straight forward under ASC 830. But not always.

  • Daily Exchange Rates: Easy to Implement, Hard to Explain

    Should you move from a monthly income statement rate to a daily rate in the recording of non-functional currency transactions in functional currency?

  • Polycom Case Study


    Hedge Trackers’ RTZ analytics tool has reduced Polycom’s FX Gain/Loss performance reporting process from days to hours.

  • economics of hedging webinar

    The Economics of Hedging: Thinking Outside the Box

    Gain on-demand access to find out how to adapt your old risk management strategies to today’s new world environment in this webinar playback.