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June Employee Spotlight: Joe Susienka

joe susienka gtreasury employee spotlight

We’re taking a moment to recognize and showcase exceptional employees for their outstanding work and dedication to GTreasury with our new Employee Spotlight program.
This month, we took a moment and talked with Joe Susienka, Senior Product Manager at GTreasury, to learn more about his professional journey and what makes him successful.

Q: What do you believe are your key strengths?

A: I am pragmatic and practical, which helps me stay grounded in any situation. The customer experience with our product is very important to me, and my customer focus serves as a strength. I would also say that I’m a team player who loves to accomplish things as a group.


Q: How do you keep track of the things you need to do?

A: I’ve tried it all! What works best for me is a running Word document that I update every morning with the tasks I need to accomplish that day. It is always satisfying to be able to cross something off of a list.


Q: What makes you happy in a job?

A: Feeling like I’m making a difference and contributing to the company’s success. It’s important to me to have a sense of ownership and pride in my work. Company culture is also important – the people I work with are awesome and I have the ability to grow.


Q: Why do you feel you have work/life balance? Do you have any tips/tricks for others to improve their work-life balance?

A: I’d advise others to have open, honest communication with your manager and others about your boundaries. As a part of a global company, I have emails coming in at all times. It’s important to communicate your working hours and the times that you’re available to meet. I have two young kids and it’s important for me to see them in the mornings and after work.


Q: Think about a good manager you’ve had. What did they do that made them a good manager?

A: I believe that a good manager is a leader who puts problems into your hands and talks through them with you, rather than taking over and soling it themselves. This helps you grow and know how to tackle problems on your own. It’s also important to have a high level of trust and transparency with your manager.


Q: What do you like about the work environment or culture here?

A: Everyone is very customer-focused. We’re all working for the same group of people, trying to improve their lives with our solution. I also enjoy our virtual events! It’s important for me to be remote, so it’s awesome to be part of a company that supports us with events we can participate in virtually. The events bring us together as one.


Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations at GTreasury?

A: Renaat Ver Eecke is a big inspiration for sure. He is a great leader and I admire his vision for the company. Renaat is very personable and wants to talk with everybody. I also admire Pete Srejovic and his customer first, practical approach.


Q: How have you grown professionally at GTreasury?

A: Before GTreasury, I wasn’t speaking at conferences or on webinars. Since starting here, I have grown significantly as a thought leader in the industry and gained public speaking and presenting skills. I’ve also learned a lot about the product management domain while growing into my role as product manager.


Q: What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career?

A: Transparency with your manager on your career goals. It’s important to take ownership of your career path and actively seek help from your manager and mentors to build the skills to help your career plan. For example, if you want to improve your public speaking skills, ask your manager if there’s a public speaking course you can take.


Q: What’s something you are passionate about outside of the workplace?

A: I’m a big sports fan. I’m originally from the Boston area, so following the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots keeps me busy. I love spending time with my kids – we just went to a Bluey concert a couple weeks ago. We also love spending time by the water, going to the beach or the pool.


Q: With Father’s Day approaching in a few days, how do you feel that GTreasury supports your flexibility and work-life balance as someone with children?

A: GTreasury is very accommodating and understanding of the realities of having young children. Sometimes I’ll have a sick kid that needs to stay home and be taken care of. Other times, I’ll have screaming kids in the back of a call. Everyone is incredibly considerate of any circumstances that may arise.

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