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July Employee Spotlight: Juliet DeVries

Juliet DeVries Gtreasury

We’re taking a moment to recognize and showcase exceptional employees for their outstanding work and dedication to GTreasury with our new Employee Spotlight program.
This month, we took a moment and talked with Juliet DeVries, Director, Security & Compliance at GTreasury, to learn more about her professional journey and what makes her successful.

Q: What do you believe are your key strengths?

A: I try to understand a situation from every angle before trying to resolve it. Another strength is assigning the right person to a project to produce the best result.



Q: How do you keep track of the things you need to do?

A: I am an avid fan of OneNote and Microsoft To-Do. I have those programs tied to Rocketbook, an erasable writing pad with a QR code. By scanning the QR code, it automatically rewrites the notes onto Microsoft To-Do.  When I’m having a meeting, I just pull up one of those programs and all of my notes are there!



Q: What makes you happy in a job?

A: A balance between being challenged and being supported. This is a challenging place to work, but at the same time, I can go to senior management, tell them my roadblocks, and I receive the support I need. Work-life balance is also essential. There’s never a perfect time to take a vacation, but taking vacation time is always supported by senior management.



Q: Why do you feel you have work/life balance? Do you have any tips/tricks for others to improve their work/life balance?

A: The ability to work from home really helps with that work-life balance. I’m taking care of kids but I’m also taking care of my parents. The flexibility of not having to be in the office is amazing. I live in Illinois, but I can go work in St. Louis and take care of my parents. My tip for others is to remember to take care of yourself. Take that day off. You’ll see things in a new light when you come back.



Q: Think about a good manager you’ve had. What did they do that made them a good manager?

A: A good manager lets you fail and then helps you fix it. If you’re afraid to fail, you’ll never take a chance. If you never take a chance, you’ll never learn. I also believe that a good manager should groom you to take their job. If they’re not mentoring you to be better, why be in that management position?



Q: What do you like about the work environment or culture here?

A: We have a customer-focused culture and work together for the betterment of everything. With the help from senior leadership, we have the synergy and support to create a great experience for our customers.



Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations at GTreasury?

A: Hilary Norris has been a big inspiration. She has a way of helping you see where you may not be 100% correct without making you feel like you blew up everything. She’s straight-forward but never makes me feel like I’m not good at my job. Additionally, the partnership I have with Rick Schweiger in tackling problems and finding solutions is amazing.



Q: How have you grown professionally at GTreasury?

A: I came in during a challenging time and have grown significantly from the experience. When I started, we had a compliance program but didn’t really have a security program. I came in six weeks before the audit started, and it was the support from others that got me through that crunch time.



Q: What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career?

A: Trust yourself. Work with the tools you have but trust the knowledge that you have and your ability to learn.



Q: What’s something you are passionate about outside of the workplace?

A: I love camping, kayaking, and being outside. I also love learning new things – I just started fire-spinning and I’m taking lessons to fly a motorized glider! Another fun fact is that I am the Faerie Queen for the World of Faeries festival in Illinois!

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