Cash Forecasting


Having insight from a tool that can precisely forecast future transactions is crucial for cash management and can better equip your treasury team for decision making. Fueled by artificial intelligence, SmartPredictions gives you the ability to quickly create forecasts with a predictive accuracy determined by your business’ historical liquidity data. 

SmartPredictions™ is an opportunity for CFOs and treasury professionals to automate the modeling of multiple scenarios and leverage larger data sets to significantly improve their forecasting processes and accuracy. In addition, by eliminating much of the manual activity associated with traditional forecasting approaches, analysts can better support decision-makers by focusing on higher value deliverables.


Remove the limitations of spreadsheets

Without AI, treasury professionals are constrained by the amount and type of data that can be input and analyzed by spreadsheet-dependent processes. The inconsistency of internal data collection procedures and the risk of errors when inputting or importing data can lead to significant issues for the finance team. SmartPredictions uses the data readily available within the GTreasury system, eliminating the risk associated with manual entry and ensuring consistency from business unit to business unit.

Improve speed and accuracy

SmartPredictions eliminates much of the manual effort associated with collecting, compiling and reconciling the data needed for cash forecasts. You can run multiple models quickly and because the algorithms are designed to learn from your data and predict the forces with the most influence on financial performance, your forecasts become more accurate, more quickly.

More time for your business partners

Status quo forecasting processes consume analyst time by requiring them to work on reconciling and compiling data rather than working with decision makers. Using SmartPredictions to produce forecasts can eliminate mundane tasks analysts do today, allowing them to focus on business strategies, operational flows and even macro and micro-economic drivers which impact on your business. By bringing those insights to decision-makers, financial analysts become better partners for the business.

Intuitive Accuracy

SmartPredictions can learn data patterns and accurately predict forecast data by running multiple machine learning models to recommend the best fit for each transaction type.  Decision Tree Regressor (gradient boost framework), which builds out regression models in a tree structure, splitting historical data into increasingly smaller samples according to predictor variables, and Singular Spectrum Analysis, which processes data points sequentially to predict what subsequent data will look like, are just two types of the models used.

Data Transparency

Our solution was built to be transparent in how artificial intelligence is being applied to your data.  Every time a forecast is generated, SmartPredictions provides clear information about which optimal model was chosen, along with the expected margin of error, giving you a level accuracy and understanding that will prove worthy of your trust.

Experience you can trust

By adopting an established cloud-based treasury management system with fully integrated AI for forecasting, you get the benefits of AI, plus a partner who understands the complexities, regulations and challenges faced by your team.  With GTreasury, no specialized knowledge of AI is required, you are not dependent on data scientists and you have the specific controls required by treasury teams.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface requiring minimal user input
  • Customizable time periods for viewing data

  • Optimal accuracy with algorithmically selected machine learning models
  • Easy-to-find information about selected models and accuracy scores

  • Significant time savings on data and historical analysis with the click of a button