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Eaton has been a Coprocess client for more than 15 years. With 600+ participating ledgers, 16 Pools, 325+ users Eaton is one of Coprocess’ largest Coprocess multilateral netting clients.

Learn about Eaton and its use of Multilateral Netting, from business case to current process. How Eaton integrated Cooper entities (nearly doubling the number of AP invoices).

Eaton’s presentation includes the current treasury systems map; integrating Coprocess multilateral netting with FIS Quantum, SAP and Oracle ERP’s (plus others) using the Coprocess Import and Export functionality.

Eaton uses many of the settlement options available in Coprocess to facilitate netting in 38 countries, 19 currencies for 140,000 invoices per month. Learn how these settlements are then managed on the In-house Bank (IHB), via in-country pools and Cash. The subsequent FX process is shown via diagrams with descriptions.

Eaton outlines the process management effort and savings from streamlining and its plans for future expansion of the multilateral netting process by using some of the advanced features such as Matching and adding additional countries.

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See how Tim and his team are streamlining Intercompany at Eaton.


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