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  • How to Implement Effective Liquidity Management Strategies

    Financial agility is a top priority for businesses of all sizes, as it directly impacts their ability to navigate risks and make quick, strategic decisions. An integral aspect of this financial preparedness is liquidity management. In this article, we will highlight the importance of liquidity management strategies and explore key objectives, risks, and effective ways […]

  • How to Overcome 7 Cash Flow Forecasting Challenges

    Cash flow forecasting offers a window into the future to help organizations exercise greater control over their cash flows, and businesses should utilize short, medium, and long-term cash forecasting to ensure financial stability. However, various challenges can often hinder accurate cash flow predictions, which can lead to cash shortages and inefficient use of cash surpluses.  […]

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Cash Visibility

    What is Cash Visibility? Cash visibility refers to the real-time monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of an organization’s cash position. Managing the available cash across different accounts and entities allows treasurers to optimize cash utilization, minimize idle cash, and ensure timely financial obligations. Accurate cash visibility also allows better management of working capital, optimization of investments, […]

  • Cash Flow Forecasting: A Comprehensive Guide

    Making informed decisions is the key to success in finance. Strategic planning and decision-making are vital for ensuring scalability and sustainability. However, a lack of visibility into the future often hinders these decisions, impeding progress. To overcome this challenge, cash flow forecasting plays a pivotal role. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies […]

  • What is a Payment Hub?

    A payment hub is the central location where payment streams in an organization come together, offering a unified and streamlined approach to payment processing. This article delves into the concept of payment hubs, emphasizing the importance of understanding payment hubs and the benefits of implementing a payment hub solution like a treasury and risk management […]

  • 3 Types of Hedging: Which Hedge Strategy is Right for You?

    A hedge program is most effective when it aligns with the way your company evaluates financial performance. In this blog, we provide an overview of three different hedge strategy types that companies often turn to.

  • Balance Sheet Hedging Health Check: 5 Essential Questions to Ask

    Is your balance sheet hedge program doing its job? Sometimes, balance sheet hedging has hidden weaknesses and nuances that, when not periodically reviewed, can cause even more risk. Here are five questions you can ask to ensure your program is running well.

  • Interest Rate Risk: Hedging Future Issuance of Fixed Rate Debt

    Companies that need to refinance their debt do not have to wait until they refinance to lock in their interest rate on new issuances.

  • Are Your Treasury & Accounting Teams Disconnected?

    Treasurers are tasked with protecting the gain/loss line as well as foreign revenue, expenses and/or margins. So, it’s not unusual for Treasury departments to want to implement a foreign currency hedge program.

  • International Hedge Accounting Treatment: Key Differences

    As a U.S. company, your accounting team might not realize that hedge accounting under U.S. GAAP may not satisfy local international regulations and requirements. So, just as you get a handle on ASC 815 cash flow hedge accounting in the U.S., your international subsidiaries ask you to comply with IFRS 9 for local statutory purposes.

  • Commodity Hedging Basics

    This course covers the basic principles of hedge accounting for commodity price risk under ASC 815. [button2 link=”” target=”_blank”]Register to Attend[/button2] [line2] [accordion_title] Click Here for Event Details [/accordion_title] [accordion_content] Course Description: Participants will be prepared to: Focus on the general requirements required to achieve hedge accounting under ASC 815 Learn the benefits of hedge accounting […]