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Minimize Foreign Currency Exposure Risk

Manage FX Risk Effectively with Hedge Trackers’ Consulting, Accounting Services and CapellaFX

Protect your company from foreign exchange risk using one or a combination of our risk management solutions. Whether you have a hedge program in place or are just starting out we can help you refine, implement and manage your hedge program and derivative accounting needs.

  • Create risk management and derivative accounting policies
  • Manage currency risk & derivative accounting in our easy to use proprietary SaaS solution CapellaFX
  • Increase your team’s capabilities with our foreign currency webinars and on-site training

  • Implement a balance sheet hedge program to mitigate FX gain/loss
  • Protect margin through cash flow hedge programs
  • Accounting services provide access to expertise when you need it

Collect, Comply and Communicate Foreign Currency Exposures, Derivatives & Hedge Program Performance

Our FX risk management software, CapellaFX, helps finance teams manage the full lifecycle of foreign currency exposures and derivatives from one single source of truth.

  • Streamline balance sheet and cash flow exposure collection, improve forecasting and prepare hedge decisions
  • Generate ASC 815/IFRS 9 compliant documentation, run effectiveness assessments and prepare journal entries in summary and detail form

  • Simplify disclosure reporting, identify the sources of residual FX gains and losses in your hedge program improving effectiveness over time

Meet Disclosure & Reporting Requirements

Satisfy expectations with timely, accurate reporting and compliance.

  • Complete derivative valuation transparency
  • Quantitative and qualitative derivative disclosures °Market risk disclosure analysis

  • Improve trading and accounting controls for derivatives
  • Full reconciliation of hedge related balances including OC

Protect Your Margin in Any Market

Reduce exposure to currency risk with customized hedge program solutions for your company.

Manage FX Risk in More Ways than One

We Value Diversity


Get hedging strategy and implementation guidance from the most experienced risk management consultants in the U.S.


Manage everything from exposures to disclosures with the world’s leading risk management software, CapellaFX.

Accounting Services

Add the largest, most experienced pool of derivative accountants to your team. Then, put us to work.


Hedge Trackers’ Training Academy provides on-site and virtual education, training and resources.

How Can We Help?

Hedge Trackers helps some of the world’s largest firms manage their foreign currency, interest rate and commodity hedge programs. How can we help you?