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Mitigate Commodity Price Volatility

Manage Commodity Price Risk by Partnering with our Consulting and Hedge Accounting Experts

Organizations with significant exposure to commodity price risk or that have particular sensitivity to commodity price volatility need strategic risk management solutions that protect their bottom line. Our focused derivative accountants and consultants help you reduce risk to price volatility utilizing Cash Flow and Fair Value commodity hedge strategies.

  • We help you identify achievable objectives and hedge strategies for commodity price risk management programs
  • Evaluate benefits of Normal Purchase Normal Sale (NPNS) exception strategies for commodity based purchase and sales contracts
  • Identify and contemplate contractually specified component hedge strategies

  • Implement processes to measure overall changes in price for commodity exposures
  • Design repeatable procedures to capture operational data required for both “like item” and quantitative prospective effectiveness testing
  • Identify key accounting elections for your hedge strategy under ASC 815
  • Create qualitative and quantitative SEC disclosure information

Plan, Implement & Maintain ASC 815 Compliant Commodity Hedge Programs


Our FX risk management software, CapellaFX, helps finance teams manage the full lifecycle of foreign currency exposures and derivatives from one single source of truth.

  • Evaluate the economic benefit of potential and ongoing hedge strategies
  • Deliver independent and transparent derivative valuations
  • Provide ASC 815 compliant journal entries and designation documentation
  • Create and maintain commodity risk management polices and accounting guideline documents

  • Stay current with accounting codification updates, interpretations and disclosure requirements
  • Provide year-end audit support and Board communication
  • Outline SOX control structures around trading and derivative accounting
  • Learn more about commodity price risk management through our on-site and webinar based training classes

Protect Your Margin and Bottom Line from Commodity Price Fluctuations

Reduce exposure to commodity price risk with a customized hedge program that uniquely suits your organization’s risk profile.

We Value Diversity

Commodities Accounting

Add the largest, most effective group of outsourced derivative accountants to your team. Then, put us to work.

Commodities Consulting

Get hedging strategy and implementation guidance from the most experienced hedge accounting consultants in the U.S.

Commodities Training

Stay current on hedge accounting practices and protocols with focused on-site and comprehensive webinar training.

How Can We Help?

Hedge Trackers helps some of the world’s largest firms manage their foreign currency, interest rate and commodity hedge programs. How can we help you?