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Advanced Hedging Solutions

Manage the Hedging Workflow from Exposures to Disclosures

Reduce risk and streamline workflows with GTreasury’s automated hedging solution. From enhancing the clarity of exposure forecasts to expediting the closing process and bolstering platform compatibility, GTreasury offers you a chance to refine your hedging procedures and optimize your hedge accounting process. Our end-to-end platform delivers informed decision-making and streamlines the day-to-day functions spanning front, middle, and back-office operations. Whether you have a hedge program in place or are just starting out, we can help you implement and manage your hedge program and derivative accounting needs.




Mitigate Risk with Effective Planning

Select a Hedging Strategy

Use hedging instruments that align with your risk management goals. 

End-to-End FX Workflows

Manage your FX exposures to disclosures across multiple entities.

Navigate Volatility Effectively

Manage FX and IR volatility and develop a plan of action against potential volatility.

Collect & Comply

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your program while maintaining documentation to comply with regulatory requirements.

Tackle FX Risk Effectively

Our Advanced FX Workflows solution helps finance teams manage the full lifecycle of foreign currency exposures and derivatives from one single source of truth.

Streamline balance sheet and cash flow exposure collection, improve forecasting and prepare hedge decisions.

Generate ASC 815/IFRS 9 compliance documentation, run effectiveness assessments and prepare journal entries in summary and detail form.

Simplify disclosure reporting, and identify the sources of residual FX gains and losses in your hedge program which improves effectiveness over time.

Manage and Report FX Exposures, Derivatives & Hedge Program Performance

Collect Comply Communicate
  • Implement a balance sheet hedge program to mitigate FX gain/loss
  • Protect margin through effective cash flow hedge programs
  • Full reconciliation of hedge related balances including OCI
  • Create risk management and derivative accounting policies
  • Manage currency risk & derivative accounting in our easy-to-use proprietary SaaS solution
  • Mitigate the risk of financial misstatements and irregularities by improving trading and accounting controls
  • Enable stakeholders to assess the potential impact of market fluctuations with market risk disclosure analysis
  • Promote informed decision-making with derivative valuation transparency
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparent reporting through quantitative and qualitative derivative disclosures

Manage Your Interest Rate Risk from Start to Finish

GTreasury is the leading end-to-end interest rate risk management software that supports the IR hedging journey. Model and value even the most complex and nuanced swaps, caps and collars with secure, compliant interest rate risk management software that helps you stay ahead of market changes. 

Expert IR Hedge Program

Get pre trade or post trade support from our expert consultants who understand your business needs and what will drive reliable accounting results.

Stay Compliant, Always

Meet global requirements easily with comprehensive audit controls and software that helps you quickly generate accurate compliant reporting.

Critical Data in One Place

Shorten workflows by integrating CapellaIR with ERP software and back-end systems. Plus, store all your critical data in one place.

Navigating the intricacies of market changes and confidently manage debt lifecycles. With a dedicated focus on scenario analysis, our expert technology assists you in making decisions that align with your financial objectives. Our Debt & Investment Lifecycle Management (DILM) solution streamlines this journey, providing a seamless experience for optimizing costs and effortlessly mitigating risks.

How Can We Help?

Hedge Trackers helps some of the world’s largest firms manage their foreign currency, interest rate and commodity hedge programs. How can we help you?