Latest Global Recovery Monitor Report

The latest survey results show continuing economic optimism, particularly about liquidity and AR changes. CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: 7 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Netting Solution


Fall 2020 Featured Customers Market Leader Report

The FeaturedCustomers Customer Success ranking is based on data from our customer reference platform, market presence, web presence, & social presence as well as... CONTINUE

First Sentier Investors Revolutionizes its Treasury and Risk Management

When First Sentier Investors was acquired by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), it went from being part of one of the largest banks in... CONTINUE

2021 Treasury Technology Survey

The purpose of this survey is to bring valuable data to treasury groups regarding their peers’ views, actions, plans, and experiences with treasury management... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Gain Control of Your Bank Fees

Discover how easy bank fee analysis can be! If done right, regular analysis of bank fees can yield significant cost savings and process improvements. CONTINUE

Podcast: Implementation: Pitfalls to Avoid

Host of the Treasury Update Podcast, Craig Jeffery, welcomes GTreasury Chief Customer Officer, Mathilde Sanson, to discuss a selection of ways a treasury management... CONTINUE

eBook: Implementation: Pitfalls to Avoid

You have built your business case and convinced management that your organization needs a treasury management system (TMS). You did the research to understand... CONTINUE

Hitachi Metals America leveraged GTreasury and Goldman Sachs to streamline and save on payments

As part of a far-reaching company process improvement initiative designed to drive automation and cost reduction, Hitachi Metals America, Ltd., purchased the GTreasury platform... CONTINUE

2020 Analyst Report: Treasury Management & Risk Technology Systems

The 2020 Treasury and Risk Management Systems Analyst Report from Strategic Treasurer provides valuable insights for choosing the right TRMS for your business. CONTINUE

APAC Webinar Playback: A Roadmap for Benchmark Rate Reform

Chart your course now to successfully transition to new RFRs by the end of 2021. Learn the background, steps to take and how a... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: A Roadmap for Benchmark Rate Reform

The end of LIBOR is less than 15 months away. No matter whether you are currently using spreadsheets or a treasury risk management system... CONTINUE

Delivering on Promises/Meeting Expectations

It’s exciting to be able to report a success story in the midst of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. We are pleased to announce... CONTINUE

The TMS Toolkit Series

Access this library of valuable resources for treasury professionals considering and planning a transition to a new or updated treasury management system. CONTINUE

eBook TMS Selection: Leading Practices

Moving your treasury operations to a treasury management system is a big step. The system you choose must improve the efficiency and effectiveness of... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results: June 24, 2020

After a 10-period unbeaten streak, Accounts Receivable issues are no longer the most negative period-over-period liquidity concern. In this period, the most negative concern... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: TMS Selection: Leading Practices


Webinar Playback: 5 Ways Cash Forecasting Technology Improves Your Business

The right technology can simplify data gathering and verification, increase forecasting accuracy and give you a more complete view of your future cash positions. CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results: June 10, 2020

Plurality of finance professionals still expecting W-Shaped Recovery   GTreasury is committed to helping its customers and the industry at large make actionable decisions... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results: June 2, 2020

Plurality of finance professionals are expecting W-Shaped Recovery   GTreasury is committed to helping its customers and the industry at large make actionable decisions... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Corporate Treasury Practices During a Period of Uncertainty

Two months into the global pandemic, what do the numbers tell us about how corporate treasury responded to the events of March 2020? Patrick... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results: May 15, 2020

Net gain in jobs expected in 3 months; financial normalcy in 8 months.  GTreasury is committed to helping its customers and the industry at... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: May 8, 2020

This week’s survey results show optimism growing about 12-month recovery. GTreasury is committed to helping its customers and the industry at large make actionable... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Keys to a Successful TMS Implementation in a Remote World

Mathilde Sanson, GTreasury’s Chief Client Officer, and David Wright, Director, Treasury Management at Simon Property Group, discuss virtual implementation methodology and insights from Simon’s... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: April 31, 2020

This week’s survey results show optimism growing about 12-month recovery GTreasury is committed to helping its customers and the industry at large make actionable... CONTINUE

Best Practice #4: Custom Dashboards Ease Reporting

We share some recommendations for dashboard components to provide leadership with a daily snapshot of key financial metrics. CONTINUE

Medical factors should drive when lockdowns end

This week’s survey results show that medical factors are viewed as vastly more important than financial factors in determining when to ease lockdown restrictions... CONTINUE


Pete Srejovic, Chief Technology Officer at GTreasury, joins host, Craig Jeffery to discuss modern treasury technology. Topics of discussion center around market changes and... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: April 17, 2020

This week’s survey results show accounts receivables remain the biggest liquidity issue by a large margin.   GTreasury is committed to helping its customers... CONTINUE

Best Practice #3: Stress Testing Your FX Risk

The current FX volatility puts added pressure on cashflow management and decision making. The third article of the series examines modeling methodology to stress... CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: April 9th, 2020

Concerns about future liquidity took a hit this week with an increasingly negative outlook among respondents for accounts receivable, commercial paper and accounts payable.... CONTINUE

Best Practice #2: Addressing Operational Challenges

As treasury departments settle into our new normal, innovative thinking is required to address unforeseen operational challenges. CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: 4/2/2020

Not surprisingly, liquidity is still the primary concern of treasury professionals who participated in the second weekly Treasury Coalition Global Crisis Monitor Survey. GTreasury... CONTINUE

Best Practices #1: Cash Visibility & Management

The first installment in our series of best practice recommendations focuses on Cash Visibility and Management. CONTINUE

Treasury Coalition’s Global Crisis Monitor Survey Results: 03/26/2020

Results from the first Treasury Coalition Global Crisis Monitor Survey show concerns about future liquidity as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt global markets.... CONTINUE

eBook: GTreasury Digital Backbone

Discover the ways treasury management system can support your full technology stack. CONTINUE

5 Key Challenges to Accurate Forecasting

Treasury professionals are today’s great prognosticators. They are charged with predicting the future to help organizations prepare of a variety of situations. Accurate forecasting... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Bank Fee Analysis – The Power From Within


Analyst Report: Treasury and Risk Management Systems

Read this free report to get the insights and tools you need to bring clarity to your treasury operations. CONTINUE

Five Elements of a Successful Business Case for a Treasury Management System

Eric Reyhle, V.P. Business Development As the corporate treasury environment becomes ever more complex, the need for simplified management of treasury processes using a... CONTINUE

4 Steps to Take Now to Build Your Case for a Treasury Management System

Eric Reyhle, V.P. Business Development When it becomes clear that your treasury department would benefit from implementing a treasury management system (TMS), you may... CONTINUE

White Paper: How Corporate Treasury Can Plan For LIBOR Replacement

As December 2021 nears, the impacts of the end of London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, are becoming clearer. These impacts will be widespread... CONTINUE

eBook: Building the Business Case

Learn the essential elements of a compelling business case for implementing a treasury management system. CONTINUE

Keeping GTreasury: How Pioneer got the best of both worlds

When Treasury Manager Paul Banks joined Pioneer, he found that the treasury team was using spreadsheets to handle cash management – and accessing account... CONTINUE

Understanding the Pain of Payments

Companies are facing a significant amount of payments pain as they grow and expand their global footprint. On this episode, host Craig Jeffery leads... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Building the Business Case

You want technology. It is a no-brainer. But, you are competing for dollars and mindshare. Making a significant change in treasury includes bringing the... CONTINUE

Harnessing the Power of Technology

GTreasury is proud to have received an Adam Smith Award alongside our client in innovation, Baird, at Treasury Today’s recent award ceremony. Read how... CONTINUE

eBook: Reducing the Pain of Payments

This eBook provides the insights you need to make informed decisions about treasury payments, as well as information on the tools you will need... CONTINUE

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A Centralized Treasury Management Solution

Computershare Limited is the world’s largest stock transfer company and provides corporate trust, stock transfer and employee share plan services in a number of... CONTINUE

CUNA and GTreasury Develop A Payment Hub

For more than 75 years, CUNA Mutual Group has delivered product and service solutions that meet the unique challenges and needs of credit unions... CONTINUE

Integrated Treasury and Risk Management

Defence Bank commenced operations in 1975 with the primary objective of assisting Australian Defence Force personnel to manage their money. They now operate 40... CONTINUE

An Integrated Treasury Management Solution

Heritage Bank is Australia’s largest customer-owned bank. It has assets exceeding $8.5 billion and currently employs approximately 800 staff. The bank has 100 retail... CONTINUE

Keystart Improves Control and Flexibility with GTreasury

For more than a decade, Keystart had fully outsourced its treasury management function to an external service provider. However, with significant improvements in the... CONTINUE

Integrated Risk Analytics and Reporting MSF Sugar

MSF Sugar Limited is an integrated grower, processor, marketer and exporter of raw sugar based in Far North Queensland, Australia. The company holds a... CONTINUE

Insurance: Profiles in Cash and Payments

Simply tracking daily cash can be daunting when dealing with the legal structures and massive volumes that exist in this industry. For a company... CONTINUE

Boosting Data Integrity and Confidence at Together Housing Group

Together Housing Group faced the daunting prospect of integrating complex financial records, accounting principles, reporting processes and risk management protocols of five separate organisations... CONTINUE

A Single Solution: The Foundation for Growth

A regulatory review of Secure Trust Bank’s practices prompted the implementation of a robust system to automate their treasury operations, provide comprehensive and timely... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Banking

Applying technology to manage the minutia of banking activities can’t be an afterthought. It needs to be part of a holistic approach that synchronizes... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Hedge Accounting

In hedge accounting, expertise really does matter. GTreasury’s market-leading Hedge Accounting solution was built by the best financial engineers in the business. CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Treasury Management

GTreasury will significantly improve the productivity of your treasury operations and deliver full cash visibility. It can cater for everything from capturing a facility... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Liquidity Risk Management

GTreasury enables financial institutions to strategically manage their liquidity risk and comply with onerous regulatory reporting requirements CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Asset Liability Management

GTreasury are experts at Asset Liability Management. Our solution enables risk managers to easily analyse complex data and design superior risk mitigation strategies. CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Successful Treasury Transformation and Innovation through Technology Excellence

What happens when effective project management is harnessed to bring to life truly innovative ideas? The results can be astounding, as demonstrated by this... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Reducing the PAIN of Payments Webinar

Join Strategic Treasurer and GTreasury for a live discussion as we assess several core treasury pain points for B2B payments and explore methods for... CONTINUE

Key Factors of Forecasting Success

For well over a decade, forecasting has been a top priority for companies. And, they spend far too much time working on their forecast.... CONTINUE

eBook: Accurate Cash Forecasting | Challenges and Solutions for Treasury

This eBook will shed light on how to optimize manual payment workflows, manage current and emerging security and compliance demands, and solve global connectivity... CONTINUE

Baird Wins Award for Payments API Innovation with GTreasury

Baird Wins Award for Payments API Innovation with GTreasury Chicago – April 26, 2019 – Baird, an international financial services firm with $211 billion... CONTINUE

Treasury Management System Restructured

In 2013 the Charter Hall Treasury team identified the need for a centralised Treasury model across front, middle and back office functions for all... CONTINUE

Why Modern Treasury Technology Matters

Craig Jeffery from Strategic Treasurer, and Alok Tyagi from GTreasury discuss the role of modern treasury technology, including its impact on the treasury systems... CONTINUE

Transforming Treasury With GTreasury Rich Analytical Capabilities

Learn how Bank of Us unleashed the rich, analytical capabilities of GTreasury to transform its treasury organization. In addition, discover the impact it has... CONTINUE

Reaching New Heights with Consolidated Treasury Management

Learn how GTreasury helped Auckland Airport consolidate all treasury operations into a single treasury management system. In addition, read about the impact the advanced... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Payments

Sure, it’s simpler to give your company’s departments and entities the flexibility to manage their own payments. But as the number of your bank... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Financial Instruments

If you’re managing your financial instruments from multiple systems or spreadsheets, you’re missing the big picture on your obligations and their impact on your... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Risk Management

The financial world and all the players in it are in constant flux, affecting the level of risk to your business. With GTreasury, it’s... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Accounting

Many organizations simply throw bodies at the accounting function as they grow. But that approach is a band-aid solution for the real issue –... CONTINUE

Fact Sheet: Cash Management

You shouldn’t have to spend any time identifying where your company’s cash is or consolidating the apples and oranges data that reside across different... CONTINUE

Cash Forecasting at Waterton

Waterton is an entity-heavy, private equity real estate investment fund management firm. It manages cash across more than 200 bank accounts with up to... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Interest Rate Volatility: A Decade’s End Game

The increasing volatility of interest rates is creating uncertainty that must be addressed thoughtfully, given the long run of low and stable rates brought... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: GTreasury System Overview 11.15.18

GTreasury’s comprehensive TMS platform can assist any corporation by providing the tools, visibility, and efficiency to assist them in moving their treasury functions from... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: 2018 Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey Results

Since 2011, Strategic Treasurer’s annual Cash Forecasting & Visibility survey has analyzed the variety of strategies, practices, and technologies used by organizations of all... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: How Farmers Insurance Future Proofed Their Treasury

The selection process for a Treasury Management System requires a review of your organization’s current needs and consideration of future requirements. But who can... CONTINUE

Webinar Playback: Forecasting | Setting Expectations & Achieving Results

Everyone talks about cash flow forecasting. Improving the forecast is on nearly everyone’s yearly objective list, yet few rate themselves as excellent or even... CONTINUE

Making Tax Payments Less Taxing at Horace Mann

Horace Mann’s collaborated with GTreasury to implement the a solution that has helped treasury overturn the fallacy that it is the company’s cost center,... CONTINUE