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Risk management planning, training and support for your internal team.

Risk Management Planning

We help you create actionable strategies with achievable objectives for foreign currency, interest rate and commodity price risk.

Effectiveness Testing

We help you identify underlying exposures, evaluate hedge instruments and assess the effectiveness of your hedge program.

Audit Support

We help you deliver robust, consistent performance reporting and support your team in discussions with your audit firm.

Compiance Guidelines 

We help you develop control structures and compliance reporting under ASC 815 and IFRS 9 compliance reporting.

Tackle FX, IR and Commodities Risk with Teamwork

Our expert hedge program consultants act as your partner, delivering valuable, actionable information when and where you need it. This helps your internal team get control over the accounting and economic nuances of your hedge program including:

Foreign Currency Consulting

We help you identify, plan and execute an effective foreign currency hedge program for balance sheet, cash flow, fair value and net investment hedges.

  • Identify & quantify accounting anomalies that hurt balance sheet hedge effectiveness.
  • Establish realistic expectations for hedge impacts on consolidated financial statements.
  • Contemplate & test potential sources of accounting & economic ineffectiveness.


Interest Rate Consulting

We provide support on interest rate hedge accounting documentation, implementation and reporting so you can better manage your IR risk exposure.

  • Contemplate the potential earnings impacts of hedging benchmark interest rate risk, as well as overall changes in your exposure.
  • Identify the key decisions and resulting documentation requirements needed at the inception of a hedge relationship – even late designations.
  • Ensure that potential sources of ineffectiveness are contemplated and tested.


Commodities Consulting

We help you plan, implement and maintain ASC 815-compliant commodity hedging that makes it easier to tackle cash flow and fair value commodity price risk.

  • Implement processes to measure “overall changes” in exposures.
  • Design repeatable procedures to capture operational data required for both “like item” and retrospective/prospective effectiveness testing.
  • Identify the key decisions and develop designation documentation to leverage existing trading processes and procedures.


We saved considerable time and effort using CapellaFX and the outputs are better than we could have produced manually.

Blair Olexa

Treasurer, Tellabs

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Meet Our Consultants

Our consultants are among the industry’s most experienced; their résumés include roles at leading global corporations, financial institutions and Big Four accounting firms, in addition to their work with a diverse set of Hedge Trackers’ clients.