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Risk is a concern no matter what stage you’re at. That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive, connected and scalable suite of risk solutions, covering FX, IR and commodities. We also offer extensive training and support to keep you up to date and in control.

The seven elements of our suite are fully connected and work together to give you the clearest visibility into every risk, no matter where it is.

Hedge Trackers Training

Leverage our support team to stay on top of changes, learn new tactics and approach challenges with confidence.

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Hedge Trackers Consulting

Work with our risk experts to manage, test and audit risk for FX, IR and commodities.

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Hedge Trackers Managed Service

Align your hedge accounting strategies with long term business goals. If you have gaps in internal expertise, resources, or need a faster deployed solution. Leverage Hedge Trackers expertise to deploy your hedging strategy.

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GTreasury Risk

Visualize and manage risks in any part of your business in a clear, unified workflow.

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Capella Foreign Exchange

Connect and manage your entire hedge program workflow, from treasury and accounting to the CFO.

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Capella Interest Rate

Identify and track interest rate exposure to offset risk with targeted hedging.

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Commodities Risk Management

Collaborate with our experts to use Cash Flow and Fair Value commodity hedge strategies to protect your bottom line.

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GTreasury was able to handle our complex account structure… The worksheets are flexible and give us the ability to add, move or remove accounts in real-time.

Cheryl Kavka

Manager of Corporate Banking, Prudential

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