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Risk Mitigation

Manage Exposures and Make Intelligent Decisions

Gain a competitive edge in navigating interest rate fluctuations with our comprehensive suite of interest rate (IR) derivatives, including vanilla swaps to advanced risk free rate (RFR) products that provide the tools necessary for proactive management.  With our sophisticated solutions you can empower your organization to manage foreign exchange (FX) exposures using our expert team or our robust FX product suite to make intelligent decisions.  From spots and forwards to swaps and options, you can hedge against currency risks with features like pre-delivery and roll capabilities, as well as back-to-back derivatives, to optimize your FX strategies and capitalize market opportunities.

Manage Earnings Volatility for a Wide Range of Exposures

Strategic Decision Making

Optimize risk management and drive long-term value creation with advanced FX and interest rate workflows across asset classes.

Streamlined Workflow

Manage exposures efficiently by automating and centralizing data, enabling real-time analysis.

Manage Risk Volatility

Mitigate foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity volatility with a hedge program that works.

Compliant Exposure Reporting

Stay compliant with accurate analytics and calculations that allow you to validate disclosures and qualify your hedge accounting in required reporting format.

Trade Execution & Management

Effectively navigate interest rate fluctuations and manage FX exposures with confidence using our sophisticated suite of derivatives. From vanilla swaps to advanced RFR products like basis swaps and swaptions, our offerings empower proactive management of interest rate exposures, allowing you to tailor cash flow schedules and renegotiate terms to suit your financial goals. Similarly, our comprehensive FX product suite, comprising spots, forwards, swaps, and options, ensures precise hedging against currency risks. With features such as pre-delivery and roll capabilities, alongside back-to-back derivatives, optimize your FX strategies to seize market opportunities and safeguard against volatility.

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Leverage Our Expertise

Add world-class derivative experts to your team that can take proactive steps to mitigate risk and manage exposures effectively by aligning your hedge accounting strategy with your long-term financial goals. Avoid unexpected outcomes with precise and timely monthly or quarterly journal entries and disclosure tables for various hedge types, ultimately elevating your team’s capacity and resources to concentrate on core business objectives.

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Automate Your Hedge Program

Manage the full lifecycle of your FX, interest rate and commodity risk, from exposure to disclosure, in one platform. Reconcile to zero and automate the the reconciliation process, relieving treasuries of data mining. Centralize the entire hedge workflow by streamlining exposure collection and forecast updates, manage hedge accounting and ASC 815/IFRS 9 compliance, while creating accurate external reporting for auditors and performance reporting for CFOs.

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