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Intercompany Reconciliation

International companies and groups have complicated finances. With multiple subsidiaries comes multiple General Ledgers, making Intercompany Reconciliation all the more important. Whether monthly or quarterly, inconsistencies from invoices (internal Accounts Recievable vs. Accounts Payable) to loans and deposits must be reconciled and blanaced.

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Difficulties with Intercompany Reconciliation

Often, invoices on the Accounts Recievable (AR) at one subsidary are not booked on the Accounts Payable (AP) of the payer on time, correctly, or at all. This creates huge ledger discrepancies.

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Other issues that intercompany reconciliation can solve

  • Mismatches from delays or incorrect AP booking
  • Unclear contact for disputes
  • Manual adjustments on consolidated balance sheets
  • Undesirable audit comments
  • Time crunches at the end of the month
  • Manual processes in both subsidiaries and the central netting system
  • Decentralized data storage

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