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International companies and groups typically have complicated finances, specifically those with multiple subsidiaries and multiple general ledgers. Our Intercompany Reconciliation module will help mitigate and minimize inconsistencies from invoices, loans, and deposits that must be balanced and reconciled.

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Difficulties with Intercompany Reconciliation

Often, Accounts Receivable (AR) invoices at one subsidiary are not aligned with the Accounts Payable (AP) of the payer, which creates huge ledger discrepancies that must be reconciled.

Intercompany Reconciliation can solve and prevent:

  • Mismatches from delays or incorrect AP booking
  • Unclear contact for disputes
  • Manual adjustments on consolidated balance sheets
  • Undesirable audit comments
  • Time crunches at the end of the month
  • Manual processes in both subsidiaries and the central netting system
  • Decentralized data storage

Benefits of Intercompany Reconciliation

  • Tremendous cost and time savings
  • Auditors spend less time on IC reconciliations at year-end
  • Subsidaries can concentrate time and effort on solving mismatches rather than manually collecting data
  • Reporting capability will give organizations perspective on the entire intercompany position as well as its evolution month-over-month

Features of Our Intercompany Reconciliation Solution

  • ERP upload capability
  • Automated intercompany matching
  • Flexible grid to easy filter, sort, and find data
  • Central storage of all AR and AP data
  • Integrated report writer
  • Archives historical data
  • Intercompany mismatch analysis with high-level and detailed views
  • Offered as an additional modules, a standalone solution, or as a combination with netting module

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