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Interfacing (integrating our platform with your enterprise) unleashes value. We’ll specify the interfaces you’ll need to transfer your data to the netting system. Our system can extract data from multiple standard formats, and if we don’t have the necessary format, we’ll follow your specifications to build it. Both import and export can be automated via the API.


We’re constantly working to streamline straight-through processing. To that end, our API allows external applications to automatically (and securely) trigger actions within the netting system – it supports bulk invoice importing and exporting, data querying, report generation, and more.
What does that look like in practice? Developers, for example, could automate bulk imports of invoices from a specific secure folder location within your corporate network, or directly from an ERP system (such as SAP).

The Specifics

Our API (NetAPI) provides secure RESTful web services via HTTPS for interaction with our netting system. It’s installed with NetWeb, and relies on the same proven enterprise-standard authentication and authorization mechanisms. All resources are named with a base URI, and documented with Swagger. The default data format is JSON with UTF-8, but xml is available as well. Any errors are returned as part of the response. The API currently supports netting functions including the import and export of bulk data via existing import/export formats defined in our system, and additional services (including support for general data queries) will be added in future releases.

File-Based Upload and Download

We have over 40 working interfaces with all the major players like banks, TMS, or ERP. If we don’t support the interface you need, we’ll use the builder in our application to make it for you.

We support interfacing with these four (and more) external systems:


Using interfaces for importing and exporting invoice data allows for easier synchronization between the ERP and netting. They also can handle large columns of data and remove problems with re-keying.

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Our netting solution can extract AP and/or AR data directly (and with ease) in one of three ways:

  • You extract the data out of the ERP using the standard interface (a simple CSV file, one invoice per line)
  • You use an existing supported interface (SAP, ORACLE, Baan, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Peoplesoft, Navision, BPCS, Movex, Scala, Jeeves, and Pulse, etc)
  • We build the interface you need according to your specifications

There’s an interface-builder in our application, so we can create and add interfaces without upgrading or changing the software. Our clients commonly use SAP, and we’re well-versed in integrating it with our system. In addition, our system supports interfaces that book invoices settled in netting back into the ERP system. Booking files can be delivered by email with netting statements.

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Treasury Management System (TMS)

We support interfacing with most common Treasury Management Systems (TMS) for the import and export of data, such as:

  • Importing treasury transactions, such as forward contracts, spot deals, loans, and deposits
  • Exporting the net payments from the netting system for settlement in the TMS (either the physical payments are made from the TMS or the client settles with the in-house bank [which is a part of the TMS])
  • Import of rates from TMS
  • Export of deals

We have existing interfaces with the following treasury systems: Cashflow, Globe$, Fides, KTP, Integrity, IT2, PeopleSoft, Quantum, SAP (IHC), Trema, Twin, and CRM


Sometimes simple is best: interfacing directly with a bank payment system sidesteps extra work and error risks. Our system works with many bank systems for a variety of transactions, from payments and direct debits to ATRs and rate feeds.
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Our system supports the following standard payment interfaces:
BACS, ETEBAC5, ISABEL, Multicash, Paymul, SWIFT MT101 and 210, XML (ISO 20022)

We also support these proprietary payment interfaces:
Bank of America Cashpro, CitiDirect, Deutsche Bank DB-Direct, JPMorgan, Nordea, PostFinance (Switzerland), RBS Access Direct and Access Online, SEB C&I Online, Telepay (Norway), UBS, PNC Pinacle, Svenska Handlesbanken, and others.

We can deliver payments securely to the bank over SFTP.

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FX-dealing Platforms

Many clients take rate feeds from providers such as 360T, FXAll, and Bloomberg. Others make Final Day FX transactions on the trading platform. We allow the import of rates in simple .csv formats and import/export of amounts for FX dealing.

Hedging and Other Platforms

Some clients interface with their chosen hedging provider to execute and manage hedges in our solution.
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