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Cash In-House Banking

Manage your in-house bank like an external financial institution

With GTreasury, you can holistically view all your funds and allocate them to internal entities where required, without the associated fees. You can also track multi-level in-house bank accounts and cash pooling, as well as intercompany account relationships. Furthermore, pair In-House Banking with our Payments Solution to manage foreign debt and lending, eliminating currency exchange fees.

Define virtual accounts in any currency to reflect pooling structures, automatically record bank statement sweeps against them, automatically calculate and apply interest charges based on each entity’s position with the IHB, and manually enter cash and non-cash intercompany account movements. All virtual banks can route through a central bank for settlement.

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Key features:

  • Set up participants and track inflows/outflows
  • Track daily balances and automatically send summary statements
  • Sum results and view netted results at the center level
  • Settle physically or notionally based on country requirements
  • Import AP/AR invoices automatically and compare by entity
  • View optimal suggestions generated by the system, and settle
    with confidence

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Intelligent monitoring facilitates real-time decisions

GTreasury’s in-house banking proactively monitors, reports, and acts on balances associated with any in-house account(s). Clients can set up auto transfers on target balances, and if a threshold is breached, GTreasury automatically suggests the recommended transfer. This eliminates the need to constantly check activity and make more real-time decisions. In-house bank statements can be generated and automatically sent out on a configurable basis.

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Reduce bank accounts for greater efficiency

Manage granular transaction activities for each banking unit within GTreasury, without the need to create external bank accounts and having to work in external reporting systems.

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Decrease external borrowing costs

Clients have the ability to track in-house balances across the organization and calculate the appropriate interest earned/paid over any given time period. Borrowing from cash rich operations enables cash poor operations to be supported by internal loans, versus leveraging more expensive external loans.

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Internal payments are tailored to your organization

Transfers can also be conducted through an in-house banking structure(s), including notional and physical transfers between accounts based on the region. Users can net all internal invoicing activity and internal transfers by creating pools and structures within GTreasury in a way that best suits the organization.

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