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Complete Visibility with Connected Cash


Our global financial ecosystem demands that organizations spread their cash across countless positions, between different accounts, banks, countries and entities—do you have the tools you need to locate and manage yours?  

The Connected Cash bundle offers fully integrated, real-time cash management capabilities that provide a secure, centralized solution for end-to-end visibility into your liquidity. 

This is a gamechanger when it comes to full control and visibility. The Connected Cash bundle:  

  • Is an adaptable, one-stop shop with easy access to data the need to manage cash effectively 
  • Improves cash visibility to optimize capital through seamless bank connectivity  
  • Provides Cash forecasting and scenario modeling to move at the pace of business 
  • Speeds up accounting processes with automated reconciliation  

Our highly configurable and dynamic standard worksheets underpin everything from cash positioning and forecasting to scenario modeling, reconciliation, and in-house banking—with these tools, your organization can actively minimize the cost and time spent on the processes that move cash internally.  

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