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Real-Time Visibility & Connectivity: The Key to Treasury Success

How do you choose a TRMS that will deliver the tools and connections you need?

Look before you leap: it’s a universally agreed upon adage in many circles, but it’s particularly relevant to the world of treasury and risk management. Treasurers need accurate and immediate information to effectively manage risk and seize strategic opportunities, whether they’re evaluating cash reserves, assessing financial risk or reviewing same-day settlement payments and transactions. In short, to do their jobs, they need a TMRS.


That’s not a revolutionary idea: treasurers have understood the value of data visibility and partner connectivity for decades, and most treasuries already employ some kind of system to stay informed. The problem is, TRMS connectivity suites are by no means built the same. Many organizations still rely on long-outdated legacy systems that are costly and slow. Host-to-Host (H2H), for example, is still the most common—and it demands a complex setup and expensive file costs.


At GTreasury, we sometimes think of H2H like your grandfather’s old truck: tried, tested, and reliable, but may leave you wanting more as you drive to your destination. Treasurers tend to shy away from intraday reporting because of the prohibitive storage costs and bank fees, making the data from H2H connections impractically expensive and infrequent. Precise information doesn’t do you much good when it comes a day too late for you to act on it! Though it’s still necessary in some circumstances, it’s limiting and no longer practical as a primary source of visibility into your finances. That’s why many organizations have turned to API.


Application Programming Interface (API) connections are instantaneous. They secure real-time synchronicity between you and your banks, ERPs and third-party platforms, enabling efficient and precise payment initiatives and reporting. At GTreasury, one client will save over $100,000 by switching to an API with us and shedding the expensive file costs required by their H2H system. Trading a less-sophisticated system for one that’s both more capable and more cost-effective seems like an easy choice, but the prospect of switching to a new TMRS can be daunting. It’s often an expensive and time-consuming process, but some systems make it easier than others.


This is why we set out to build the ClearConnect Gateway Bank API technology, an “out-of-the-box” solution, pre-made with built-in connections to numerous banks and ERPs (and designed for a quick and easy setup). These pre-set API connections bring users the real-time visibility and convenience of a direct connection—without all of the upfront work you’d expect to set one up.


And remember, API integrations are only one part of the puzzle: the best TMRS systems create a single source of truth from many connection types, API working in concert with ERP, H2H, third-party systems—and beyond—with an underlying workflow that unifies their data to guide your insights. True connectivity isn’t a single street: it’s a network, and navigating that network requires an innovative and highly capable TMRS.


We encourage you to try ours. Interested in seamless connectivity? Explore our ClearConnect platform or send us a message—we’d love to connect.

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