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  • First line of defense for economic disruption image header

    White Paper – Treasurers: The First Line of Defense for Economic Disruption

  • The Impact of the Dissolution of or Defection from the Euro

    The discussion was moderated by Hedge Trackers’ founder Helen Kane.

  • CNH vs. CNY: Which of These Currencies is the “Right” Balance Sheet Rate?

    For the most part determining the appropriate balance sheet rate is fairly straight forward under ASC 830. But not always.

  • Daily Exchange Rates: Easy to Implement, Hard to Explain

    Should you move from a monthly income statement rate to a daily rate in the recording of non-functional currency transactions in functional currency?

  • How Corporate Treasury Can Plan for LIBOR Replacement

    This document highlights current progress and the key issues corporate treasury organizations will face, as well as the actions they will need to take, with focus on the U.S.