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  • tellabs case study


    Tellabs’ treasury team was tasked with doing more with less. The RTZ analytics tool for CapellaFX made it possible.

  • Polycom Case Study


    Hedge Trackers’ RTZ analytics tool has reduced Polycom’s FX Gain/Loss performance reporting process from days to hours.

  • iRobot Case Study


    iRobot, a leading global consumer robotics company, had always used distributors to support its international business. But when it decided to make two strategic acquisitions, it encountered a risk it had never needed to manage: foreign currency risk.

  • Louboutin Case Study Coprocess

    Christian Louboutin

    With premier luxury brand Christian Louboutin expanding to more boutiques spread around the world, it needed help ensuring intercompany invoices were accurate and less time-consuming.

  • Horace Mann Success Story

    Horace Mann Integrates GTreasury with Infor to Simplify Essential Accounting Processes