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Resources On-Demand Webinar: Foreign Exchange Bootcamp #5

On-Demand Webinar: Foreign Exchange Bootcamp #5

This workshop is designed as an introduction to accounting for foreign currency derivatives under ASC 815: Derivatives and Hedging. Karen Gubler works through case studies designed to reinforce and develop the ability to understand and prepare hedge accounting journal entries under cash flow hedge accounting treatment. The FX Boot Camp course covers the basic principles of hedge accounting, such as timing and P&L geography benefits, fair valuation of a derivative, recording basic journal entries, considerations for when the underlying does not occur as anticipated, and methods for closing out derivatives at their end. You can use this webinar to learn more about fair valuation of derivatives, knowing when to trigger, de-designate, and cancel trades, and how the accounting is impacted, understanding time value and how it can impact different accounting elections, as well as journal entries impacted under different accounting scenarios.

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