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October Employee Spotlight: Nich Leswig

GTreasury Employee Spotlight Nich Leswig
We’re taking a moment to recognize and showcase exceptional employees for their outstanding work and dedication to GTreasury with our new Employee Spotlight program.
This month, we took a moment and talked with Nich Leswig, Marketing Operations Analyst at GTreasury, to learn more about his professional journey and what makes him successful.


Q: What do you believe are your key strengths?

A: My key strengths are my adaptability and my happy-go-lucky attitude. My attitude helps to alleviate and brighten the moods of those around me.


Q: How do you keep track of the things you need to do? 

A: I live and die by I do have a lot of personal notes within OneNote, but allows me to keep my projects incredibly organized. It’s a great tool with visibility for management and other team members to see my progress on things.


Q: What makes you happy in a job?

A: Feeling accomplished and the sense that what I’m doing is making a difference, based on metrics or just an overall company initiative. I love feeling like the work that I’m doing is adding to someone’s success. I also have my hands in a lot of the work that my team is doing, so when I succeed, they succeed. This keeps me motivated and feeling happy.


Q: Why do you feel you have work/life balance? Do you have any tips/tricks for others to improve their work/life balance?

A: I have work/life balance because I’m very supported by my team and my managers. If I need to step away or take a day, there’s never any negative feelings or animosity. My advice to others is don’t be scared to ask for the time away and don’t let it stress you out. You’ll be able to work better knowing that it’s not a burden.


Q: Think about a good manager you’ve had. What did they do that made them a good manager?

A: The great managers that I’ve had are the ones who ask where I see myself now and where I want to be, and they put a plan of action in place to get me there. They consistently check in to help me along the pathway to reach my goals. When good managers focus on you and your future, it makes you want to work harder.


Q: What do you like about the work environment or culture here?

A: I really enjoy the trust that we have at GTreasury. We’re all adults and we know what’s expected of us. The pace here is steady and ever moving, but we’re not expected to work ourselves into the ground. Everyone is here to work and do a good job while maintaining a work-life balance. Overall, we have a super pleasant environment, and everyone is unbelievably nice to work with.


Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations at GTreasury?

A: The rest of the Marketing team, for sure. We are small but mighty. We do an insane amount of work and continue to prove that we put out quality work and hit deadlines. Everyone is on board to help cover any slack. We really are a dream team.


Q: How have you grown professionally at GTreasury?

A: At GTreasury, I’ve been given a stakeholder’s view on certain things, which I haven’t had at jobs in the past. I’ve gone from being a worker bee to having ownership of all sorts of things. By working on a smaller team, we have more initiative and more trust in each other to get things done.


Q: What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career?

A: Don’t let the word “no” stop you. A lot of people let that word kick them when they’re down. It could just mean “no, not right now.” Or “no, it’s just not a fit for the company.” Don’t let that discourage you from asking questions or suggesting ideas in the future.


Q: What’s something you are passionate about outside of the workplace?

A: Animals! My family owns an exotic animal store, and we have animals like kookaburras, 8-foot-long pythons, sugar gliders, frogs, and more. I also used to foster elderly pugs for about 10 years. I’ve grown up around animals and I do a lot of volunteering at animal shelters. I love reptiles and I love educating people about things like snakes, spiders, and lizards.

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