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About News Press Release: Hedge Trackers Launches End-to-End FX Risk Management Software
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Hedge Trackers Launches End-to-End FX Risk Management Software

Hedge Trackers, the leading provider of accounting, consulting and software services to protect clients against financial risk, has released new advancements to CapellaFX, making it the first FX risk management software that integrates the entire hedge program workflow.

With CapellaFX, finance teams can now manage the full lifecycle of their foreign currency risk, from exposure to disclosure, in one platform. Everyone involved in the FX risk management process—from treasurers and accountants to reporting managers and CFOs—can contribute to and work from the same, single source of truth. And you don’t need to be a technical accountant to use it.

“The foreign currency risk management process is traditionally time intensive, error-prone and manual, with little visibility into exposures, historical data and hedge performance. Without CapellaFX, financial teams have to piece together immature, lackluster solutions to get the work done,” said Helen Kane, Founder and CEO of Hedge Trackers. “CapellaFX not only centralizes the entire hedge workflow but also arms professionals with the technical expertise they need to make better decisions—and deliver the insight their CFO has been waiting for.”

Financial teams that use CapellaFX are better able to manage and stay ahead of FX risk. This is because deep technical expertise is codified into the system, helping users:

  • Streamline exposure collection and forecast updates
  • Manage hedge accounting and ASC 815 compliance
  • Create accurate external reporting for auditors and performance reporting for CFOs

Plus, CapellaFX users can leverage Hedge Trackers’ U.S.-based, in-house derivative accountants for support, virtual training or consulting services, giving them the tools they need to put well-strategized hedge programs in place and stay current with ever-changing regulatory protocols.

About Hedge Trackers LLC

Hedge Trackers is the recognized global expert in foreign currency, interest rate and commodity price risk management. Global companies rely on Hedge Trackers’ SaaS solutions, accounting, consulting and training services to manage and reduce their financial risk—ranging from pre-IPO to the Fortune 100 and spanning industries like technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, defense, energy, banking and credit unions. Hedge Trackers offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of capabilities to help companies establish programs that identify, quantify and strategically manage risk to protect margin. Customers get exposure collection, suggested trades, documentation, effectiveness assessments, derivative accounting, performance reporting, external reporting and audit support.

Twenty years ago, industry expert Helen Kane founded Hedge Trackers, a privately held and consistently profitable Silicon Valley company, as the first advisory service dedicated exclusively to corporate derivative accounting and ASC 815 compliance.

For more information, visit the company at and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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