Move Funds Securely and with Confidence

Move your funds from anywhere to anywhere securely and reliably. GTreasury can act as your organization’s comprehensive payment factory with the ability to handle any volumes required. Rid yourself of multiple cumbersome systems and centralize for success.

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Banking estatements Security and Compliance

Secure and Compliant Payments

GTreasury offers a centralized hub for all payment activity supporting wires, ACHs, positive pay files, tax payments, settlements and more. Our multi-tiered approval structure enables users to add unlimited layers of authorization for transactions of your choosing. Add additional levels of authentication using any of our multi-factor authentication options (e.g. RSA, Symantec, etc.). GTreasury’s audit controls, PCI, and SOX compliance ensure your payment processes are secure.

Payments Simplify Your Payment Process

Simplify Your Payment Process

GTreasury offers a visual transaction workflow that shows the progress of any payment at particular stages in the user-defined workflow. Clients are able to look up, research and confirm proper routing codes, and establish notifications to alert them when a payment has completed, failed, or is pending approval.

Payments Scalability


As your organization’s payment volumes grow, GTreasury is able to scale to your organization’s needs. Our flexible payment factory enables clients to execute transactions of any volume from multiple systems with ease while improving operational efficiencies by automating and scheduling payments.

Key Features

  • Payment factory
  • Transaction workflow
  • Interactive dashboards and reporting
  • Retrieve and record FED acknowledgement files
  • Integrated Payments with the Cash Management and Accounting solutions
  • Online and remote alert capabilities

  • Real time anti-money laundering (AML) check and verification
  • Automate and schedule release of future payments
  • Tax templates
  • Track, record, and create internal book transfers
  • Netting
  • Double byte character support