Financial Instruments

Financial Instruments

Move from operational to strategic treasury management with financial instrument creation, approval/confirmation workflow, worksheet integration and more. GTreasury’s Financial Instruments solution provides a single view of your portfolio of Foreign Exchange, Short and Long-term Debt and Investment vehicles including Facilities to enable effective liquidity strategy and execution.

Security Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Screening

Centralize Trade Management

GTreasury provides the tools to effectively manage your firm’s various financial instruments. By incorporating your treasury trades to facilitate holistic or targeted portfolio management, you’re able to assign: trade details, standard settlement instructions, general ledger event details and unique reference fields for customized reporting, gain stronger audit trails, achieve mark-to-market pricing and model vanilla or complex FX, Interest Rate and Commodity instrument types.

Financial Instruments Management Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic Dashboards

Gain a view of all financial instrument workflows, scheduled cash and non-cash events, exposures and positions as well as integrated standard and customized reports, which provide full visibility of front, middle and back office information.  Dashboards offer a snapshot to help visualize your debt positions and drill down for further analysis where required. Additionally, our solution lets you take a strategic approach to FX, Interest Rate and Commodity hedging, understand operational and financial exposures and related risks so you can manage volatility as well as liquidity.

Payments Simplify Your Payment Process

Full Integration

GTreasury’s Financial Instruments solution is fully integrated across all our solutions providing full visibility across your financial instrument portfolio. By integrating with our Cash Management, Accounting and Payment solutions, clients can capture all operational and financial related cash flows into worksheets and reports, create journal entries for accounting and review all details against each instrument and associated payments, interest, accruals etc. in one (or more) comprehensive, user-definable and dynamic worksheet reports.

Key Features

  • Manage your portfolio at macro or micro levels
  • Assign unique reference fields to any transaction for customized reporting
  • Attach documentation for added clarity for stronger audit trails
  • Fully integrated modules to support real time financial and liquidity positions, payments and accounting.
  • Standardized templates to manage simple and complex instruments

  • Comprehensive facility management including multi-level tranche and fee tracking.
  • Interface with industry leading data providers to automatically calculate and produce mark-to-market and sensitivity analysis for all instruments in your portfolio
  • Track and allocate instruments by asset class