Go green and dramatically reduce the effort needed to ensure compliance with internal rules and processes around risk and security by introducing automation and standardization as much as possible. GTreasury’s eStatements solution resolves the messiness of bank statement data extraction and management, so your treasury team can have more time to focus on higher-value activities and reduce the need to stay current on training to use multiple bank portals.

Customer Experience Dedicated Account Management

Cost Savings

GTreasury’s eStatements solution saves you time and money, as bank portals charge per login and per statement download. Our solution eliminates the need to for logins and ensures only a single download.

Banking estatements Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Simplify your bank statement data extraction and storage processes using GTreasury. Our eStatement solution, which is fully compliant with statutory requirements and reduces the need for the managing multiple security fobs for your various banks.

Banking estatements Enviornmentally Friendly

Enviornmentally Friendly

Reduce your costs by eliminating the need to print, mail, transport and store your bank statements. GTreasury helps you go green and reduce your organizations carbon footprint and have all of your statements at your fingertips within one centralized location in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • SWIFT FileAct
  • Image version of your bank account

  • Access any historical statement immediately from our data warehouse
  • No storage limit

  • Retain statements as long as required
  • Automatically download and send statements to appropriate entities